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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have I mentioned I am officially shooting only RAW? No more JPEG, and man it was a long, hard journey to get here... Mostly by way of convincing myself it was worth it to switch and endure the learning curve and frustrations of figuring it out in the midst of a busy editing season.

But now that I am here, I am SO happy, and never turning back.

Anyway... that seemed off-topic... But it really is relevant because this was one of the first sessions I shot in full RAW... And I am SO happy with the increase in clarity/purity of color. (Not to confuse anyone, but this was the first I shot in full RAW, but it isn't the first post I've done of full RAW photos. You purists will hate me, but I haven't been posting these sessions in order. Hee hee. Sorry. I just post what strikes me that moment, so lots of these are out of order... It might be a fun game to go back and see if you can tell what sessions are RAW and what weren't. Hm. )

Oh man, I went off on a tangent again. Back to Hunter's family. I LOVE these three. This is the third session I've had with them this year, and it is SO cool to see Hunter grow and to catch up with his mom Michele. They are truly a neat family. For this session, Hunter was 18 months and WHEW he ran my tail off!! Anytime he saw me coming with the camera, he turned tail and ran the other way. But his parents were patient, and I used a few tricks, and we ended up with some keepers. It was a fun chase in the meantime!

Thanks, Michele and Co., for trusting me with your photos not once, but three times this year. I cherish your loyalty and appreciation for my work!


  1. I just wanted to share this link with you. It's why I don't shoot in RAW. I absolutely love this website by the way.

  2. Emily, I love that you did this shoot in an orchard. Is this THEIR place? That would be such a cool place to live!


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