Larkin at Five Months

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

 Our little lady is suddenly FIVE months old. I cannot even. 

She doesn't look that much older, but she'd definitely made progress this past month. It's so crazy how time flies while things seem to stay the same. 

At five months old, Larkin:
  1. Rolled from back to tummy! She's only done it a couple of times, but will get about halfway to a roll lots of times. 
  2. Has a bona fide laugh, and it can be triggered by Quinn being silly or blowing raspberries, or by Joe or I making exaggerated faces at her, especially if we zoom in and out from her sightline. 
  3. Has officially moved up to 0-3m pants and 3-6mo tops and dresses and rompers. 
  4. Is still in size two diapers.
  5. Has seen no change in her sleeping situation... except today I began swaddling her with one arm out. 
  6. Is now taking 6 oz bottles. She tends to have one in the morning, then a half bottle before her first nap. A 6 oz when she wakes, and a half bottle before her second nap. Another 6 oz in the afternoon, then 4-6oz around 5-5:30 when she takes a short third nap... Then 4-6oz at bedtime (between 7-8) and a couple of ounces when she wakes for a minute at 10pm. 
  7. Mostly sleeps from 7:30ish-10:00pm, then from 10:15pm-2 or 3 or 4 or sometimes even 5 am. She's really doing well! If she wakes at 2 or 3, I give her another bottle, then do our one-time nursing session around the 4-5 o'clock hour. At that point, she'll usually sleep til 6:30 or 7. 
  8. Has had some time in the Jenny Jump Up. She's not jumping, exactly, but she seems to love the chance to "walk" her legs around on the floor. I plan to bring up the exersaucer here in a week or so. 
  9. Is pretty good in the car these days. She can go on short trips with no crying, and sometimes even do longer trips! 
  10. Loves clutching and grabbing and scraping at things... clothing and my face and necklaces and any burpcloth or lovey I put in her hands. 
  11. Is noisy when she's happy! She coos, cackles, does the inward-breath gasp thing, and even fuss-talks when she's getting irritated. 
  12. Loves her feet, looking out the window, having her cheek and hair stroked, is on the "too ticklish" side of ticklish, loves her daddy's face, and enjoys peekaboo. 
  13. Is so chill in the mornings, thank heaven. She is so content to lie in her rock n play in the dining room with us as I get Lucy and Noah fed and out the door for school. 
  14. Absolutely LOVES "Itsy Bitsy Spider", especially when I do her hands for her, and when we say "WASHHHHH the spider out!" Her face breaks into the biggest grin, and I am addicted to this moment. 
  15. Loves the ring sling, and will let me prep food with her in it with almost no protesting. 
  16. Has a crib!!! Joe got it assembled last night, and it is so cute. But she's not slept in it yet. That'll come. 

I wish I could bottle up her sweetness.... I wish I could share her with you all in more than photos. She's such a gift in our lives. She is so yummy and squishy and gorgeous and sweet. I continues to ache that she has to keep growing and changing so quickly.... I would love it to slow down. But every new thing is just another level of light in our lives, and I'm grateful she is healthy, happy, and so beloved by the rest of my kids. our Larkin Clementine.... ♥

(Photos taken on Larkin's amazing bird quilt made by my friend Melanie Hess of Thoroughly Modern Minis, on Etsy. See her 1 month photos HERE, her 2 month photos HERE, her 3 month photos HERE, and her 4 month photos HERE.)
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