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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few of my favorites from my afternoon with Jaclyn-- such a fun, intelligent, lovely senior!
And her eyes? Wow. No boost needed from me. Those blues are all hers!

And one more-- a sassy jump shot with Jaclyn and her cute baby sister Julie:

Thanks, Jaclyn! Hope you enjoy the rest of your photos!


(Also, a note to next year's seniors: I'm going to start booking for the summer and fall ASAP, so start thinking about when and where you'll want your session, and email me!! Spots fill fast!)


  1. Every time I see your senior photos, I get this little wisp of envy...NOTHING like this was available for us our senior year (as well you know!)--we could get a little crazy in our sessions, but it meant wacky backgrounds or a floppy hat. Not trendy REAL urban backgrounds, luminous eyes, and this sense of beauty. I love all your babies and children and families and couples, but I think I get the most excited to see senior photos. (Okay, no, NOT as excited as I was to see my wedding. I get comments at least once a week, still, btw...But you get my drift.)

  2. I love her red and white dress...

    You take great photos!

  3. I totally agree with gd.

    And, are you sure those are her real eyes? They look like two small earths. Amazing.

  4. totally agree, that red and white dress is GORGEOUS! I want one!

    The pictures are also amazing, of course. As usual.

  5. Melissa Ray7:44 PM

    One of my best and favorite students ever. I completely miss having her in class.


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