Something New and Something Old, But Both Make My Life WONDERFUL Right Now!

Friday, March 13, 2009

First, the new:

I've been a Netflix girl for nearly three years now... I ADORE it. So it's not the Netflix that is new.... but it IS the new "Watch Instantly" feature. I had been ignoring this feature for a while now, assuming it was something to do with hookups to TV, or extra fees, or SOMETHING. But NO. You guys, I can watch ANY of those movies they offer online ANYTIME, unlimited hours.


I cannot tell you how giddy this made me a couple hours ago when I found this out. SERIOUSLY.

See, I do all my editing and business stuff from our desktop computer, a bit far from our TV... far enough that I really can't watch movies at full volume without worrying about waking Noah in our small, compact apartment. So I have been doing my work with and stuff playing in the background... And while that has been great, there just hasn't been enough variety to sustain me.

But NOW? 12,000 online Netflix options?? For a movie junkie like me, this is like......



Okay. I need to calm down. I'll scare you guys away!

And you need to stick around for the old thing in my life that consistently makes my life better.
It's a little grocery store called ALDI.

This place.... I don't even know where to start, if you've never been there. It's small, it's 95% Aldi brand products... It's cheaper than you can ever imagine, and I grew up on this stuff. I know, some of you are name brand snobs, and I get that.... But with all this depressing talk of the economy, and finances always a touch scary in our house, I am so grateful for this resource. I never stress about were we are going to find the money for groceries.
I could rave and rave, but let me SHOW you. Here is today's haul, food for my little family of three for two to three weeks:

And I just don't think that is a good enough visual. So here.... letting it ALL hang out. Check out how much I got, and how much I spent
(and enjoy the dirty little details of what kinds of things I buy!)
Some of the best bargains are in yellow...:

And there ya have it.... Another trip to Aldi, and another sigh of relief at the low bottom line. I LOVE that place. Thank you, Aldi, for being in my life for as long as I can remember!
(And thank you for trying to add more good stuff over the years. Yay for break and bake cookies and fresh pico de gallo, and Reeses Peanut Butter Chocolate cereal....)


Anyway... there's my cheerful rant for the night.... And because I had such a good, sunny day, let me end with one of my baby. We took a walk this afternoon and began honing his soccer skillz. I mean, if he is any son of Joe's, he has to get this game down, right?

I could DIE at his cuteness! I LOVE this kiddo!!


Okay.... that's all the randomness I have in me.... So I'll go.... Goodnight, all!


  1. Hm...I've been holding off on Aldi...but now that I really want to do this repayment plan, I *have* to limit myself to $50 a week for groceries. So it may just be my next place to turn for basics. I'm such a wimp, though, and I don't feel safe in the neighborhood where it's located. How do us women get over that and become tougher about things like that? Anyone?


  2. So, it's not really right to call me out on my name brand snobbery and then parade your special store in front of me, when I can't shop there. . . I'm just saying. ;)

    Those are some AWESOME deals. Seriously. Good on ya.

    Also, netflix on demand, AWESOME. Though there is a limited selection, there are still LOTS to watch. And since you're a PC girl, you have no reason not to use it!

    And. . . Noah is adorable. I love that the soccer ball is almost as big as he is in that picture. :)

  3. Judie6:24 PM

    I'll admit... never heard of Aldi before but it sounds like my kinda place! And yay for you for using your own bags! I'm finally at a point where I actually remember to bring them into the store with me! :-)

  4. Genny, don't you still live in Columbia? Didn't you go to Hickman High School that is right across the street from Aldi? Believe me when I say that the clientele that shop at our Aldi are a higher caliber than the people that shop at Mosers down the street or even the Gerbes on Paris Road!!! Granted, nothing like those you see at HyVee or Schnucks but, really not scary or tough at all. Trust me.

    Emily, I gotta get the scoop on the Netflix thing. I LOVE Netflix too, because I can get obscure movies that no one else has even heard of. Dad and I just watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame version of "Tale of Two Cities" with a very young Chris Sarandon (who will always be a bad guy to be thanks to "Princess Bride" darn it!) But, anyway, it was as good as I remembered.

  5. You should check out the Roku for netflix. We got it for Christmas and it lets you watch your instant que on the tv. It's really neat. I think the box is $99 and thats all you ever pay as long as you have netflix. Ok netflix psa over now :)

  6. Ack, Jeanne, you're right...I was mixing up the location! I thought Aldi was behind Payless, but I'd forgotten that it's not now. Maybe it was once there, and then it moved? I'm not sure. Anyway, I can picture perfectly where it is're right, not as scary at all. :)

  7. Stephanie R1:49 PM

    I sooooo wish I had an Aldi's nearby. In the bay area of California, I shop at a discount grocery store where I bag my own groceries and I swear I pay double the price for everything you listed....errrr!!!

  8. Oh his hair!!!! Dang you guys have a darling son!

  9. I don't currently use Netflix... but I go to stock up on stuff every month at Aldi. I love that place, and it's so cheap! Glad you enjoy a bargain too!


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