A Little Magic In Our Day (photo heavy!):

Monday, March 16, 2009

A little while ago, Noah and I had the best playdate with Ashley and her beautiful girls at
The Magic House, in St. Louis. This place was AMAZING. I hadn't been there since I first moved to STL in 2002-03, and SO MUCH fun stuff had been added. Ashley has a membership there and was able to score us some ticket, so we had a cheap, marvelous date!

{ Noah's new skill:}

{just kidding. ha-ha! I wrote that. He barely even wanted to STAY in that spot long enough to get a picture}

{The Water Room: Hands down, Noah's FAVORITE spot at the magic house:}

{Don't you love that "What'd I do?" face??}

{This gorgeous little girl is Hayden... Ashley's second daughter. Don't look too long. You might want to take her home with you!}

{How cool is this little spot in the Water Room? Even little ones can sit and splash! The other beauty in this photo is Abbey, Hayden's big sis}

{And then a few in the wooden play area... Boats, slides, "houses", barns, etc. etc....}

{Oh Hayden, stop with those blue blue eyes and those CHEEKS!}

{Exploring the teeny toddler ball pit:}

{War Cry. (Hi, Hayden in the background!)}

{What light switch is in YOUR house?}

{Oh, CUTE! a secret little mouse house! With its own light switch!}

{a closer peek:}

{The fishing pond}

{The Grocery Store}

{Do you see this, below?? He did this on his own, and only once. But I nearly burst with pride. My kid is so wise and observant in his everyday life!!}

{Oh, NOW I see where those girls get their eyes... their looks. Ashley, you are DARLING!}

{Gratuitous Noah Shots}

{And one last one of Ashley and her girls... SO cute!}

So.... Noah and I loved our Magic House adventure so much that I sent Joe back there a few days later so he could experience the fun with Noah... Joe reports that Noah made a beeline for that Water Room. Ha!

I think a membership is in our future.

(Thanks, Ashley, for such a fun afternoon!! I'm gonna mail you some pics, okay?)

(And if anyone wants their photo session to take place here, I found some GREAT spots for GREAT photos, and I'd totally be up for a Magic House Session. Let me know!)


  1. Maybe it's just your mad photo skills, but everyone's eyes in the pictures are very striking. The girls have very vivid blue-blue/green eyes, while Noah's beautiful brown eyes are very full and stand out. Great photos, Em! I want to go to the Magic House now. Tamara is tired of me splashing water from the kitchen sink onto the floor.

  2. Emily,
    I love the photo heavy post. My favorite shot I think is the first Noah in the water shot. I also like the pirate like one in the collection of photos. We are seeing so much of his personality. The little girls are so beautiful.


  3. Those pictures are amazing (of course) looks like Noah had tons of fun!

  4. Yay! I was so excited to see how these turned out. And I've decided you'll just have to join us on every outing to be our photographer. I love Noah's war cry picture--classic. So glad you could come along and even more glad you enjoyed it. Let's get together again. Sooner than later.

  5. Ha ha, I just noticed Hayden has the exact same look on her face in almost all the pictures. And I love the look of disdain on Abbey's face in the last one. Thanks so much, I never get pictures of me with the girls. I'm always the one behind the lens.

  6. um, LUCKY!! I want a magic house! THat place is freaking AWESOME!! And what great photos! I love that Noah poured his own "milk"

    geez, he's cute.

  7. that place looks awesome! and those pics of noah playing with the water...LOVE them!

  8. Oh Noah! With the big brown eyes rocking that mohawk! You are Allie's favorite thing to gaze at online.

  9. That place looks freekin awesome! I am so jealous. And your little man somehow looks like he grew up even more over night!! Still adorable, of course!!



    P.S. How the HECK did you get that water so perfect? Some sort of camera setting I don't know about, I'm sure,

  11. Looks like so much fun. Love all the colorful, sharp photos.
    Noah is killing me softly with his looks.

  12. I can't wait to take Bella to the Magic House. It looks like Noah had so much fun!!! It also looks like he's walking like a true champ!

  13. This place really does look magical!!! How fun they arranged all those activities...

    And Noah is getting oh so handsome!!!!


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