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Friday, March 27

So Satisfying--

It is so satisfying, getting to take photos of school-aged kiddos...
I really don't have much of a client-base in this age group, strangely enough. I get lots of amazing babies and toddlers.... then it's straight to beautiful high school seniors and couples and brides. So when Maria asked me to photograph her three incredibly charming kids, I was thrilled!

I ADORE this next one. She looks so timeless-- spunky, yet beautiful.
Matthew, the oldest, was the BEST model-- so good at posing, at listening to my ideas.... and so handsome!
This one CRACKS me up. Such a NORMAL moment in the life of a two-year-old!
And one more of this beauty-- I can't get enough of her EYES.... Wow.

Yep-- completely satisfying, this session... Beautiful kids who listened and loved getting to be models for a little bit. Anyone know any other school aged kids who need the star treatment? Send 'em my way! I'd love to photograph them!


  1. great job em... i love the look of the ones with the little girl on the chair. so sweet!

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Those are fantastic. I love the girl's green eyes. You captured them so beautifully.
    Love to hear your post processing steps ;-)

  3. what a beautiful set of kids. perfect models. :)

  4. The kiddos ARE beautiful. I don't know if you really WANT that age group. Poor Katie had to put up with my crazy kids a couple weeks ago. I felt so bad for her! Nice pics!