His Beloved Grandparents:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yesterday, Grandpa Joe boarded the plane to go back to Korea and Grandma Vicki headed to Texas for a detour before popping back here for a night then ending up back in Korea. The details are largely irrelevant. What matters is this-- it was really hard for me to watch their goodbyes. They know and I know that Korea is too far for too many visits, and Noah is going to change so much over the months. Vicki and Joe are so ga-ga over this little guy that it breaks my heart to see them go.


Some favorite moments from their visit:

{Grandma Vicki: happiest with a baby in her arms...}

{...and Noah seems pretty content to stay there!}

{At the airport the first time Papa Joe saw his grandson- a tender moment!}

{Grandpa hums a soft tune in his rumbly baritone voice and lulls babies into sleep. It's just a knack he has.}


And then there's my parents. My amazing mom and dad. It has been so cool to see them with my little son. My parents, who did such an incomparable job with me and with my six other siblings. I love the way I look at them through new eyes... how they must have been so excited to meet each new little one into their family. How they might have felt thirty years ago, holding me in good times and bad. And now I love watching them get back into practice holding a tiny newborn, and it moves me to see how much they already love him. That first few hours, with them in my recovery room, it made my birth experience complete to see them take this freshly born little man into their arms and be moved themselves. I love my mom and dad. They amaze me and inspire me. I'm so glad they get to be grandparents.


{Dad and Noah only a few hours after he was born. Dad said that he would never lie and tell a parent their baby was cute if it wasn't, and that most newborns take days to unwrinkle and look handsome... but that Noah was pretty good-looking on his first day of life. *SMILE*}

{Mom got a chance to feed Noah a rare bottle when we all got together in Historic St. Charles the weekend before Christmas. I bet after seven kids, those skills are like riding a bike. }

{Dad gets a peaceful moment with his grandson}

{Mom and Noah on his blessing day. She made the outfit and was SUCH a big help during that weekend. Isn't she beautiful??}

What a great legacy from both sides: an amazing family for our son to be a part of.
Happy Sunday!


  1. WOW! Another early morning posting pics ont he blog!

    You are such a wonderful mother, wife, sibling, and friend. You're so thoughtful to post amazing tribtues to everyone you come in contact with. You're so sweet to say the things you do. AND it's wonderful to view the world through your eyes (or is it your camera lens?)....

  2. You are amazing, your husband is amazing, and your son is perfect. I'm so thankful to be able to be an observer to the comfortable little life and family you've managed to carve out for yourself. Love you, sis!

  3. love all the new pictures! Guess what! I work in the library! ha ha yay! So I will be in there for a whole hour. Hopefully you wont be in your classroom that whole time. Can't wait to see you!

  4. What beautiful words. Such sweet sentiments. Babies just grow too fast...I'm glad you're enjoying every second! I always enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Em, you made me cry, again. Do you know how lucky you are to have such in-tact families on both sides? I love that you are capturing all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions for yourself, for us, and for the little guy.

  6. It is one of the best feelings to see other people you love dote on your child that you adore. As much as your friends and siblings say they love your kid, you know that the grandparents worship him just about as much as you do and I love that feeling. Cute tribute to the grandparents!

  7. Really enjoyed nosing around your blog...and your little a doll..keep lovin' on him...

  8. Emily - you have such a great ability to capture life and emotion with your camera. I loved reading this and remembering my own feelings of motherhood when mine were tiny.

    I also love the blog redesign. Don't know when you did it (since I use a reader most of the time) but it's simply gorgeous!


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