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Sunday, January 13, 2008

1. BananaPhone
I never thought I'd see the day when a RAFFI song wound tickle my eardrums, but this is that day. So if this is too too much for you, just click the "pause" button when you open my blog and you can view things Raffi-free. Also, I rarely keep these jukebox thingys on my blog for long, so be patient and it'll all go away.

2. Video!!
To the right of these blog posts is a video clip of my brilliant and entertaining son. I have just found out that hosts video clips quickly and easily, so I will be trying to remind myself to update this blog clip every so often. Click on it to enjoy real video snippets of my little world.

3. Twitter is a random, fun little site that you can go post a one-liner on every so often to let folks know exactly what you're up to that very moment. It's kinda like a MICROblog.
My Twitter updates are on the sidebar of this blog, and since I'm pretty homebound and therefore computer addicted, I do update at least once a day. Feel free to join up and twitter with me. The cool people are doing it.

4. A Noah Blog?

As if this one wasn't Noah-intensive enough as it is?! I am trying to balance my addiction to my new son with other facets of my little world, so even if to you this seems a Noah Tribute Blog, it's really still a forum for many other aspects of my life. Therefore, I have created a blog of ONLY Noah, for my own personal history purposes and for the grandparents. But you are free to pop by too. You won't hurt my feelings if you don't, I'm just introducing the option. Besides, it's not much, yet.

5. My New Blog Header
Last but not least, if you have noticed my lovely new blog header, here is the scoop-- it's done on an online digi-scrap site called Scrapblog. It's really user-friendly, has LOTS of options and things to try, and basically takes the need for real skill out of the equation. (So sorry Jaime!! This probably horrifies real artists like yourself!!!) I also worked one of these headers out for Joe's site, so check his out as well. And then go sign up for Scrapblog for free and do one yourself!!

And because I can't in good conscience do a photoless entry, here's ma' boy:

{... he's being held by Joe next to our bedroom window... hence the lovely catchlights in his lovely eyes.}


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    LOVE the new banner and the new sidebar content is fantastic. Love how you mentioned it all in a post. Great idea. Noah is absolutely adorable! :)

  2. Found your blog on 2peas and wanted to comment and say Hi. I like your header too I'm in the process of mine too.

  3. i love your header. i just might have to copy you again. see, i just want to be you. could you transport all of your fabulous information into my head? don't forget to throw in all the creativity and organizational talents.....

  4. That song is darling and I want to use it in a dance class or 2 or 3! Soren was just dancing to it for a minute. Your new header is wonderful too!

  5. PS. The legwarmers are so great!

  6. I love all your new additions to your blog. The video is a treasure. I love that brief moment in time when that baby "wakes up" and starts to react to things and coo at you. He is being so cute right now! I'm glad you caught it on tape.
    The photos of your family are great. I love all the snipets into your life and what you are doing right now.
    I like Twitter. I'm sure I could get easily addicted to it.
    I'm finding that with two kids I'm running around a lot more than I was and it's bussier than I expected. I really have to work to get time to blog.
    Miss you dearly!

  7. genny3:35 PM

    I couldn't leave a comment without a google account on the other blog, so this is really a comment on Noah's...

    Ack! Those little coos are TOO cute! That camera-time was at such an angle that it feels like the viewer's holding him. Hope to see you soon!

  8. Noah is SUCH a doll! Good work on that one ;).

    Ok, so how do you adjust the size of your header?! I put in my scrapblog header a while back but couldn't figure out how to make it smaller. Hints?

  9. Hey Emily...thanks for the great scrapblog website! I gave it a was fun! And, you really are a very creative person, so don't take that away from yourself! I love checking your great's awesome! :)

  10. Oh, and Noah is adorable!


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