Sunday, January 20, 2008

This is Noah, usually. Since he has figured out how to smile at six weeks, we can get this happy, cooing baby about 7 times a day, right after he eats and before his naptime. It is a delight to behold, and his huge grin- complete with dimples- is contagious.

Sadly, smiles aren't the only thing that is contagious... Diseases are too, so our poor boy had to be vaccinated yesterday. Thus, this is Noah today:

He's running a little fever and has been really fussy and cranky today. He hasn't slept well, which compounds the problem. And rather than make us stressed and irritated, it mostly makes us sad. His little cries break our hearts because we KNOW he is uncomfortable and we can't do much to help besides cuddle, pat, kiss, soothe and rock...

So say a prayer for the little guy, and hopefully in the next day or two he will be back to his usual happy, spirited self.


To my readers/lurkers:
Hope everyone's upcoming week is marvelous! Thank you for reading and for your generous kindnesses via comments... You make my winter "homeboundness" much nicer to endure!


  1. Awww poor little guy :( Isn't it the worst when they don't feel well? Hope things are better today.

  2. Here's hoping that today is better than the past couple of days...

  3. genny7:42 PM

    Eee! That smile kills me. What a perfect picture--I love how his head is cocked slightly like he's posing for you.

  4. I love the crying picture but it is so sad. I hate shots. After Emery's first shots she also got an ear infection so we didn't catch it for a few days because we thought she was fevered from the shots. Sick, sad babies are enough to break your heart so I hope he is feeling better.

  5. galen1:54 PM

    aw man, I remember those days! so precious. love your pictures of him.

    hope he feels better soon!


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