Who Can Be Grumpy While Eating a Cupcake??

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So, about three blocks from our apartment, we have a new cupcake shop called The Cupcakery. Isn't that all I need to say??

Okay, okay... I'll say a bit more: Joe, my sis Beckie and I have become OBSESSED. They have five standard flavors (Tuxedo, Gold Rush, Confetti, Peanut Butter Cup and Double Chocolate), and they have two or three specials each week-- flavors like Grasshopper, Tropical, Graceland (PB & Banana), and Red Velvet. The cupcakes are huge, they're only $2.25 apiece, and they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. In fact, when Noah was born, Joe grabbed a box of these cupcakes to pass around to guests at the hospital as a sort of "cigar substitute"!

So besides making a cupcake run to this tempting new shop (oh, at least once a week), I have also gotten really enamoured with the idea of creating beautiful cupcakes of my own. My mom is a baker and cake decorator, so I grew up with frosting, piping tubes, dragees, layer cakes, etc. Mom taught us a few skills along the way, but I confess that my lack of patience has often found me in the baking aisle, purchasing store-bought frosting that is only good for smearing, not decorating with. Well, earlier this past week, my cupcake-crafting desire finally boiled over. I simply had to create some pretty cupcakes of my own. I got a few decorating supplies and some lemon cake mix, put on my clever little apron, and got down to work. And?

...Cupcake magic!


For more amazing cupcake pictures and pretty much anything else cupcake (art, jewelry, recipes, cupcake shop reviews), go visit the Cupcakes Take the Cake blog. They feature some pretty inspiring cupcakes from all over the world, and they manage to find new things to post multiple times a week. I pop on there often to drool and dream of future artistic concoctions of my own. So feast your eyes on a few of their recent images, then go find or make a cupcake of your own. I have a few more lemon buttercream beauties left in my kitchen calling my name!

All photos found on the Cupcakes Take the Cake blog.
Click a photo to go to that specific post:

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  1. i must finish my kitchen up this week because i am also dying to make cupcakes. i do not decorate well, (right there with you on the lack of patience) but i do love a good cupcake. love the pictures and i wish i was there to eat one of your yummy ones. the more i hear about st. louis, the more i may want to come and visit some day. between the amazing vintage antique cool shops and now a store dedicated to cupcakes??? amazing. much better than the gentlemen club filled fayetteville with nary an original store to be found.

  2. 1. Cupcakes look yummy!
    2. I need some help. I tried making a new header for my blog at that scrapblog but I cant get them to publish! I've tried so many times and it never works. It just acts like it is going to and then almost freezes. Do you know whats wrong?
    3. I miss you. When do you come back to school?
    4. Twilight series= AMAZING! I read them all in 3 days. I hope you've read them too. I wish the fourth one was out already!

  3. jodie9:42 PM

    i got to enjoy one of those yummy lemon cupcakes and MAN were they good! thanks emily! and as much as I loved them, I think Bailey and Chris liked them even more! :)

  4. Yum! We just went to a cupcake place last week called "Sprinkles." Have you heard of that one? Anyway, yummy cupcakes, but a bit spendy & not very kid friendly atmosphere. But, maybe that's because we had about 17 kids with us! :) Oh well, we all enjoyed it! Great job on your cupcakes! It looks beautiful (and delicious, of course).

  5. HOW DARE YOU!!!! I am on a 1 sweet per day diet, and you're NOW just telling me about the Cupcakery? Why do you insist on tormenting me so? ARGH! We are no longer siblings...until you bring me a cupcake :)

  6. Oh Yum! I want a cupcake right now. Your creation is beautiful! Thanks for bringing on another craving!

  7. How delightful! Cupcakes are ingenious little creations, little pieces of art that you eat and such dainty little treats. They always look so darn happy, how can one not indulge in their artful temptations? ... Plus CUPCAKE is a snappy word, so that's always a bonus.

  8. I love cupcakes so! If you don't already have it, check out this cupcake cookbook.

    I used these ideas for all of my wedding cupcakes and they were delish!

    Here are a couple more links for you. I check all of these daily(some are better about updating than others):

  9. Those look SO yummy!!!
    And I have to say, yours was the pretties cupcake I saw :D

  10. I think you could give the ol' Cupcakery a little business competition!

  11. Hey, it's Cherron from BBC.

    That is such a pretty cupcake! So very beautiful and something that my hands would never be able to create, I'm sure. You should have seen my daughter's birthday cake. Pure disaster.

  12. And I reap the rewards of all this craziness!!!

  13. Here's another one for you:

    (I bookmarked it a long time ago and haven't really visited it since, but you might find something fun...

    Oops - I just scrolled down and saw that Melanie already listed this one - but then I guess that's just a double endorsement, right

    love you


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