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Thursday, January 3, 2008

I admit it. I take a DANG lot of pictures. But honestly, that baby of ours is so irresistible, and I am so nostalgic and memory-centered, that every moment begs capturing. I mean, what if I FORGET that look or those matching hats or that feeling when he looked at me like that??
So I pull out the camera and strive to capture the perfect essence of that particular memory... subsequently snapping about seven or eight shots of the same thing (to make sure i have at least one PERFECT one)... and end up falling in love with most of those seven or eight shots. Leaving me with computer folders FULL of great images numbering in the HUNDREDS.

I don't even want to THINK what I'll have to do with all of them someday. For now, I just have a LOT of really great pictures. Too many. But oh well.

So in order to really get the most out of my recent ones, I'll be cramming lotsa pics in the next few posts. So like it or not, you'll be a part of this obsessive memory-capturing. Today's theme? Pictures of Joe and I, being parents. Fun!

{#1: Noah's perfect little nap...}

{#2: perfect, in fact, that Joe has to join in!}

{#3: At the Mall: Joe burps a zoned-out, fuzzy-headed Noah}

{#4: One of our not-so-calm moments.}

{#5: Where's Daddy? Look behind the camera, Noah!}

{#6: Now look up at the cool toy Daddy's holding up!}

{#7: Now look at Mom!}

{#8: A Mimicking Moment}

{#9: A Mimicking Moment Part 2}

{#10: Is that a smile?}

{#11: He's so small that he sleeps in his pack-n-play horizontally!}

{#12: Except when he's sleeping with his dad... Awwww!}

{#13: Lookin' content after a big loud burp}

{#14: Two stocking caps on two cute boys}

{#15: Ta-da!! We're surviving this new madness! And we're still in love! }

...And there ya have it: December moments of us trying to be good parents. Noah makes it pretty easy, what with him being so cute and all. As long as we keep working as a team, and keep God in the mix, we'll make it through this wild adventure!


  1. genny9:23 PM

    The fuzzy-headed zoned-out Noah made me giggle SO MUCH!! Thanks for letting us all see how he grows up...Lily CANNOT stop talking about how unbelievably cute he is.

  2. Those pictures are warm and wonderful. I wish I had a) the creative eye you do; b) the mindset that would lead me to want to capture every precious moment on film (or disk); and c) a camera as nice as yours. Heck, any camera would do.

  3. Anonymous2:53 AM

    You can never have too many photos. :) These are AMAZING. So sweet all of them. :)

  4. I love all the photos, and you take them so well. I always take a bunch of pictures of Emery doing the same thing hoping I got one good one and then I can't delete any of them because I think she is too cute in all of them. That is the one trouble with digital, makes it too easy to keep a million photos.

    Ok, seeing all the sweet photos of cute Noah makes me even more excited to have an infant again!

  5. courtney12:21 PM

    Hello, I found you on babycenter, Noah is adorable and I love his name. Your pictures are always so great, what camera do you use?

  6. I love all the photos! I am of the same mindset as you...snap away..."oh that is so cute, I have to take a picture (or 10)." It's always fun to look back at them!

    Y'all are doing such a great job!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog...I'm so glad we've gotten to know each other better too. I hope we can all get together sometime soon. Those pesky in between miles! I'm hankering for another Tetons reunion, how about you?

  7. You guys warm my heart! I'll get in touch soon...but i just wanted to drop a note and say you're precious little family makes me smile without fail

  8. jodie6:31 PM

    EMILY! I love love love your new banner! I JUST started playing with digital scrapbooking supplies to have added elements to cards I'm in the midst of designing... I could use a major tutorial though b/c that looks so amazing! And please let's meet soon! You have mastered your camera so much better than I have! I'll do anything in exchange for some advice! :)

    And did I mention I love your new banner?

  9. Your banner IS amazing.
    I want to say that with each picture you post and I see, I wish I was there to get to know Noah and you as a momma. I'm not trying to be a Debbie-downer,(wah-wah-wah) but it really makes me sad not being near you especially at this momentous time in your life.


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