I Know It's Late, But Here Are Some From Christmas Morn:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Above is one of Joe's old Christmas ornaments from elementary school... makes me smile! Below are a few of the stockings on Christmas morning. I love the way the Southerlands do them-- lots of little gifts, mostly useful like toothbrushes, etc, but enough trinkets and treasures to make you feel spoiled too (Bath & Body Works lotion, etc.)

Here is my wonderful hubby, sleepy-eyed but happy. He brings me such joy.

Peter skims his new book, The Dangerous Book for Boys. You need this book if you are a boy or a mom to a boy! (And check out The Daring Book for Girls if you are a girl or a mom to girls!!)

Oh look-- Dave found a copy of his own!

And even Maximus, the toy poodle, got to have fun opening presents. He tore into this gift and promptly carried his new squeaky squrrel around the house for everyone to see!

And everyone got a turn with the best Christmas present of all:

{Gee, Papa Joe-- you sure you're awake?}

Little Noah was so irresistible in his Christmas p.j.s from Grandma and Grandpa! The little soft stripes and over-long sleeves... how could you NOT want him in your arms??

It was a good morning. Thank you Southerlands, for your warm and gracious home and holiday traditions!


  1. all these posts about new babies...gets me to thinking......

  2. I think little Noah fits right in with your family. He's always pulling the faces in your pictures. I agree-totally irresistable. Let's try and get together so I can have a baby fix of my own. That is, if I can make it to your house! Nuts to the I-40 shut down.


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