Flashback Friday: Why Not?

Friday, March 23, 2012

I've been in a reflective mood lately... It came on full-force the other afternoon when Noah woke from his nap and called me, as usual, but I took a few minutes getting up to him. By the time I got upstairs, he'd slipped back into sleep... so I had a long several moments to just lay in front of his door and watch him sleep... to say a prayer about him... to think about him. How much he has changed my life and my soul. It was a beautiful little interlude.

I don't know if you've caught on by now, but I am EXTREMELY sentimental. It's because I'm a Cancer, I swear it. I am steeped in emotion about the past and memories and dear relationships and life lived. It can become a tidal wave if I'm not careful. I have to remind myself to get back into the present sometimes, or it becomes too big of an ache. A beautiful ache-- NATSUKASHII-- but an ache nonetheless.

And last night a dear friend's broken heart brought a fresh wave of reflection... I sat in the dark at 1:30 am rereading blog posts from my past from my own hard times... And it was one of those times I had to step out of myself and psychically slap myself across the face to remember to get back in TODAY. To list under my aching breath the things I have this very moment and am blessed to be steward of and the ways I am okay this very moment.

And today, with my quiet time as I showered, the reflectiveness turned to a healthier groove and I had this idea--- What if I tiptoed into my archives to catch a glimpse of my life lived, but only on THIS day in years past? (give or take a day)...

So. Flashback Friday.

(Lordy what a TACKY name... I want to call it "Windows" or "Stepping Back" or something lovely... But the alliteration and the appointed day of the week are too organized for me to pass up. So Flashback Friday it is...)

Bear with me, this is the first attempt.

I want to dip back into my photos for March 23 (or whatever week I am doing) and find photos from that day from other years. Or as close to that day as I happened to blog/take photos.

And put them here. All at once. A window to many years at one time. Seems so neat to me.

And maybe a link or two to past blog entries from the same date.

So. Let's try it, shall we?

Today is March 23, 2012. (Three months, Danielle! I cannot wait!)

This is March 21-22, 2011:

Photobucket Photobucket
Joe's monsters and my nesting while Noah plays....And my belly.

And March 24, 2010:


(oh how I LOVED these photos of Noah. They were from my "lost year", 2010. So many photos I love that have never seen the light of day... That WILL be remedied.)

In 2010, I blogged about my 5 other lives, here and here. Such a fun exercise!


And March 13, 2009... so little!


March 20, 2008, 4 months old.

Photobucket  Two blogs from 2008:


March 23, 2007, Hi, Genny!
(blogged an Antique Store treasure hunt on March 23, 2007.)


March 22 and 26, 2006, at the Mason Lodge:
(hadn't started blogging in March 2006... that inaugural date was in August of 2006!)

Photobucket Photobucket*

Stretching a couple of years, March 2004, Las Vegas, freshly dating:


(a film photo, and a bad scan... But I love it.)

And limited by my digital resources, that's about it.... Oh, except THIS classic--- March 1978!

My older sister and I in Virginia, as the forsythias bloomed. I love this. 


Yeah. That was a healthy balm for my sentimental reflecting of late... Just enough to make me feel the glow of memory, but not so much that I wish for moments now passed...

On that note, my present is calling me, in the form of a baby awake from nap and a kiddo asking for lunch. Life calls. I'm off.


  1. Such a sweet post, and a wonderful reminder that so many things (even now!) will look beautiful in the rose-colored glasses of reflection. I loved seeing these pictures! It definitely made me wish that we were better about documenting our lives through photos...we take pictures of hte big events, but "life" sometimes doesn't get photographed, and how wonderful that YOU do that!

  2. Oh man...I didn't read carefully and didn't realize you were going to go back PAST last year, so seeing Noah get littler and littler was just incredible! I totally squealed. I can't *believe* how he's grown in even a year.

    And I remember that time in St Louis like it was yesterday. You met us (and Neil, for the first time) at REI, and then we later went to the City Museum for fun photos and that WEIRD WEIRD SNAKE.

    Maybe...Forgotten Friday? Or is that too gloomy?

  3. Love this idea! So fun to peek back into your life. I can't believe how gleeful and photogenic both of your kids are! So awesome! Those pics of little Noah in the hat KILL ME!

  4. I love this post! You are sooo good at cherishing the past. I love the picture of you and "your older sister". I wish I had the nerve to look back more often. Maybe your post will give me a little needed courage.

  5. I had no idea being a Cancer made me overly sentimental. I thought I was just weird. I can completely relate. Pictures take me back and I could look at them forever and daydream about the way it was.

    Oh, just for fun....find a picture of Lucy and put it next to your baby picture....I see an amazing resemblance that I don't normally notice.

  6. guess what??? That photo in 1998 was in Utah! at the old Wyview Park - there was a line of forsythia planted against the chain link fence that surrounded the trailer park.


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