Veggie Winner!

Friday, March 2, 2012

That would be LISA! 

(Say, Lisa, this gives me a chance to talk to you for a minute. You've been reading my blog for a little while now, and are REALLY sweet to leave comments for me now and again. That means the world to me, ya know? So, I've clicked on your Blogger profile a few times now, always curious to "meet" you a bit, maybe see YOUR blog... But there's really no info there. which is TOTALLY okay, because the internet is a big wild place, and staying a bit private is a good thing. [I could take a lesson or two in that dept!]. ANYWAY, the only reason I bring it up is because I have seriously done it [clicked your bio] like 6 times. Always forgetting that I'm not going to get anywhere. Haha! I just wanted you to know that I actually notice YOU and am grateful for YOU as a blog reader. *shrug* Random, I know, but there ya go.♥) 

Oh, but now that you've won this contest, you have to email me! Yay! Send me a quick email to "southerlandgirl at yahoo dot com" and let me know your mailing address, and I'll tuck your carrot art into the mail this weekend. 

THANK YOU, everyone else, for participating. It made my last two days to hear from you!!! If anyone is desperately sad they missed the Carrot Art, email me. I might be up for making a few to sell for a small price. 


Speaking of's a few for your Friday morning. 

1. I love, don't you? 

 2. I'm thinking of doing a "wordless week" next week like I did two years ago (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5

3.  I'm surprisingly unscheduled this week and next week. It feels amazing. And thus, I'd have time to not just photograph my week for "wordless week", I'd also have time to upload, cull and prepare the images, AND blog them. 

4. Anyone wanna join in on "Wordless Week" with me? I'll link up to you guys if you wanna link up to everyone, too. Like a fun circle project! Comment and lemme know. 

5. I am kinda burned out on being extroverted right now, both in real life and online. I think it's just temporary. But it is pushing me AWAY from the computer and TO my sewing machine, which is always a happy thing. Last night I sewed two pairs of baby boots, an upcycled baby dress out of t shirt fabric, and my first ruffled diaper cover. Today, I am going to sew patches on Noah's holey jeans, a softie bunny or two, and a kid-sized apron for Noah.

6. I'll probably get back in the mood for outward life soon enough. 

7. Spring is TOTALLY here, even if it is only March 2. My daffodils are completely bloomed, the trees are budding, it is raining a mild spring-like rain today... 

8. And I am eating Cadbury MiniEggs like they are going out of style. (Which, actually, they do, every single year. Sadly.)

9. I have one hour to myself this morning starting NOW. Lucy is napping, Noah is at school, I am ditching this computer.....

10. Til next time... Happy weekend!


  1. Oh me, me, me! Half the time I don't even bother blogging anymore because I don't want to write anything! Which is so strange b/c I'm a total chatterbox in real life, seriously. I am totally in for wordless week.

  2. So excited you totally made my Monday! Thank you Thank you! -lisa


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