Five Lives: Winner, and My Answers....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I know I am a bit late today.... I had a full day, lots of MOM time with Noah, some personal time for my own artistic health... and then some editing tonight (Debbie R., your little lady is on my screen tonight and tomorrow!! I hope to have her session done by midnight tomorrow!!)...

Anyway, it all led to me being a bit tardy on this post:


But we do have a winner!


Cherron, I am happy to announce you are my winnnnner!!! Let me know in the comments whether you'd like a GC to Target or to Homegoods!

For the record, six of you tied with three correct answers (and I was pretty picky about how specific you were in your guesses!)... so I had to write names on paper and draw a winner.

Still, there were some fun guesses, for SURE. I loved reading the things you might imagine me wanting to be... And lots of your ideas were far loftier than I would envision for myself. I was humbled!

(and Janelle, you cracked me UP! I'd happily be a light fairy. Or a shadow.)

Anyway.... Here are my five imaginary lives:

1. (upper left corner) I'd be a bluegrass musician. Banjo, for sure, since that is the instrument I can kinda play... But even more important to me would be the singing. I YEARN to sing harmony in a tight, small group of dedicated musicians. Jazz, madrigal, whatever... but bluegrass would be the most heart-filling, I think.... Small, folky, tight harmonies, simple instrumentation, a circle of musicians synergizing... Maybe some touring... HEAVEN.

2. (upper right corner) I'd be a life coach. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to be in a position to help empower people to be their best selves. To be part therapist, part artistic healer, part friend, part coach--- I'd adore this. To help people realize their best selves, to help them cultivate new paradigms, new attitudes, new practices as they sought their most authentic selves and made their lives harmonize with these truths. Many of you guessed spiritual leader or motivational speaker, and while those hit close to the mark, what I'd love is a smaller thing than that-- not coaching GROUPS, but individuals... One at a time.

3. (lower left corner) Diva Crafty Maven, yum!!... Specifically one who was able to sustain an Etsy shop (some of you got this specific-- NICE!) and a crowd-pleasing crafty blog or magazine column. Alas--- not only do I not have enough original ideas, I simply do not have the time to have this little life. So I'll make cute things I see on other blogs and do it for myself... happily.

4. (lower right corner) I'd be a designer of kids' rooms. Specifically KIDS' ROOMS. I would ADORE this... Thinking up wild and whimsical touches to make their dream room come true-- with no budget limitations so I could install a real fire engine front with siren in a room... or a real fairy garden... And so on. Awesome!

5. (center) And if I had more gumption and less to lose, I'd be a Human Trafficking Activist. Honestly, if I had more courage and no kids/hubby, I'd love to be able to charge over to Pakistan or Lithuania or Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Thailand or anywhere young girls and boys are being sold/stolen/kidnapped/conned into being part of the human sex trade. If I could travel somewhere and physically drag ONE person to freedom, it would be worth all the danger in the world. I ACHE to be able to make a difference in this specific atrocity. I ACHE to have the opportunity to PHYSICALLY make a difference... not just talk about it/pay money to groups to help it. I would be IN the trenches... if I was a braver, different soul. I hate that I am so complacent and comfortable, so I shy away from thinking too hard about it sometimes, and I hate that about me.

So there ya go. My five imaginary lives.

My job, having brought them to light, is to find a way to let pieces of each of them become part of THIS life... even if it is just singing to Noah/blogging my life epiphanies/making pretty things for fun/decorating Noah's room/pledging time and money to a worthwhile organization... All of that is do-able. And is true to me. Every version of me.

Your turn. I'd love to hear about your lives.... Email me or link me in your comments. I'd LOVE to know more!


  1. Yay! Thank you so much. :) My first blog contest win. I'd like Target, please.

    And now I have to go ponder my own Five. :)

  2. Darn, I missed it! But I think I'd have only gotten two right...especially if you were being uber specific... :) What a fun idea though!

  3. This is such a fun exercise...thanks for sharing!

    I don't think I've ever known anyone who played the bango. I have a friend who is a life coach - it's an amazing career! And, oh how completely I understand your passion about human trafficking. :(

    I created my own blog post with my answers:


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