One Little Treasure Hunt...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Artichoke Annie's, this huge, relatively new antiques warehouse is right outside of my hometown in Columbia. My dad took my sister Sarah and I there on Saturday and we easily wasted two hours there... it was SO COOL!
Check out just a few of the treasures I found and wanted...

{the perfect vintage kitchen nook... so many great linens, dishware, accessories, cabinets...}
{Dad in a STYLIN' top hat... Strike a pose, Dad!}

{This reminded me of Katie... Wish I had the $28 they wanted for it... I'da bought it for ya!}
{i LOVED the old toys.... I could see using a few cool ones to decorate a kid room someday...}

{Joe. Not an antique. Yet. But really really cute, even when he's goofy.}

...In other news: Beckie and Kyle-- your mix CD's are almost done!!! They are REALLY cool. And only 45% the same as each other. 20 totally random songs I am loving these days...

(any other lurkers out there want a copy? let me know in the comments, or email me at!)
(make your own "cassette tape" at

~~One Song on Both Mix CD's-Preview Here. ~~
(Mozilla Firefox has issues with this program, so use Explorer if you really want the preview.)

...{taken out to make room for a new song on the sidebar}...

LAST but Not LEAST....

This is what spring break is all about....mmmm.... naps!!!
...and sandals and warm weather....For a few moments here and there, at least!
Okay. There is a portion of my week so far. I'm sure I'll get motivated to give ya a little more later. The week isn't over yet!!


  1. your toes are cute! i've found some antique stores here too, but taking two small wiggly kids in is just asking for trouble... if and when i ever get up there we'll have to get a babysitter for my kids. you HAVE to take me to these great places....

  2. Awesome photos! Love the antique finds, I love going to antique stores! I love your toe tat too :)

  3. i take a copy of said mix cd if u don't mind

  4. What a treasure of a shot of Jo. Nice.


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