Follow-Up: Ruffled Bum!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I ran away from the computer this morning after blogging, and finished up a few things, including:


The cutest ruffled bum in the universe. Seriously. SO CUTE!

Photobucket Photobucket

I see several more of these in my future!
(Babies? Ruffled bum covers? Some of each?)


And a few more photos from this afternoon.... playtime with the kiddos. Lucy wanting to be wherever Noah was, piles of clean laundry and a kid tucked whimsically into the laundry hamper... And that 2-toothed smile of Lucy's that is irresistible (and soon to be a thing of the past, as more teeth come in.)


(Yeah. That's Noah back there, in the laundry hamper. Why not?)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Simple stuff here. No big tale to tell. But I am delighted with the ruffled diaper cover, in love with my kiddos, and happily ignoring that pile of clean laundry and remembering to just enjoy the moments. The simple moments.


  1. Did you use a tutorial for the ruffled cover? Or what pattern did you use? That will totally be on my to do list if one or both of these peanuts are girls!

  2. Can I please have her? ADORABLE!!!

  3. Did you buy a pattern for the ruffle bums? Totally adorable, I'm thinking I need to make some, if nothing else to go over little underpants under dresses.

  4. Kadee and Terra-

    I used the free pattern/tutorial here:

    Made Diaper Cover

    But I winged the ruffled myself.
    1. I cut three strips of fabric about 3"x 25".
    2. I folded two of those in half (right sides out) lengthwise and pressed.
    3. Folded the third in half WRONG sides out and stitched it into a long tube, then turned it right-side out and pressed.
    4. ruffled all three strips to the width of the bum cover.
    5. Pinned three ruffles to the bum side of the diaper cover fabric BEFORE sewing it together.
    6. The "finished" ruffle (the one that started as a tube) is the top ruffle, hiding the raw edge of the next ruffle down.
    7. Stitched the ruffles on.
    8. made the rest of the bum cover according to directions. VOILA!

  5. I'm amazed! I tried that pattern and couldn't get the leg holes to work... maybe because I was sewing at 1 AM... or maybe because I was making the tiny 3 month size... who knows! But I love how yours turned out! Super cute, and a super cute model as well. ;)

  6. Holy cuteness!! You are amazing!

  7. this is so adorable! love every photo! xx


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