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Friday, December 16

A SuperHero Party

This party has been hatching in my brain for longer than I should admit...

But the thing is, my poor kiddo had to skip a party last year when I ended up suffering that insane, unexpected arthritis and breast infection. So I figured I owed him TWICE the birthday party this year. Besides-- I've gotten so caught up in his new world of super heroes, it's like a party for me as well.

This ended up being SO VERY MUCH FUN to put together. From the food to the capes I made for the kiddos, to the photo set to just seeing all the kiddos run around and BE SUPER, it was everything I hoped for this kiddo of mine on his 4th birthday.

So.... The photos. (Only a month after the fact, ha!)

Super Snacks:
Super Cake: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Super POPCORN (With fruit loops added-- a last minute stroke of genius!)
Super streamers (and an extra clean dining room- wow!) Photobucket 
My super kiddo: Photobucket

The superhero supplies-- each kiddo's favorite color and initial): Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The super photo set-up, with the birthday boy: 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
His super guests--- plus one of Super Lucy (of course she gets her own cape!): Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
(I kept the kid count to 8 including Noah, so that we could send the parents away and still be able to keep the crowd control. It was PERFECT!)

We served lunch--- simple fare that kids would eat: One plate of PB&J and one place of cheese sandwiches. Each kid got a bottled water and a popcorn cone, and could grab snacks from the buffet.

And for seating? Well, the FLOOR, of course! (It was actually good that we sent parents away-- less people to feed and less chairs needed. Ha!) Photobucket

A little Lucy and Joe. (I am in love with the camera bib! She's hip, ya know...) Photobucket

And some Lucy and Mom... (Gotta get in FRONT of the camera once in a while...) Photobucket Photobucket

Gifty time... Everything he got was so perfect and thoughtful for him--- Lucky kiddo, to have such sweet friends! Photobucket

Cake time: Photobucket

Freeplay time in the back yard. Thank HEAVEN for perfect days in November. We were able to run around outside a LOT! Their favorite activity? Knocking down the tower of "skyscrapers". Super strength and all that!Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And an "after" pic of the cake I made--- Super layers and all!

This is just one white cake mix halved and dyed red and blue, then one yellow cake mix with a little extra yellow food coloring added, halved into two layers. Then my mom's buttercream frosting recipe in between layers and on top, and freebie printables on skewers as the decorations on top. Really an inexpensive little project that visually packed a punch!Photobucket 
 This party was exactly what I hoped it would be--- incredibly fun for Noah, a chance for him to be in "pretend" mode 100% with other kids... A celebration of everything he is... a chance for my friends, the other parents, to get some time sans kids... A chance to make these cute kids something they will hopefully wear again and again for their own playtimes... An excuse to make pretty cake... Twice the party to make up for last year....

It was perfect. And I'll likely do FAR less next year and save up new ideas and new energy for a good, big effort like this every other year or so. But I'll probably always find an excuse to concoct a big, tall, gooey, yummy cake, even on the "off years".



A few credits:
1. Comic book bunting: free Marvel comics covers available to print from Marvel.com
2. "Hero Juice" free printable label from "Oh Happy Day", Jordan Ferney
(I used these for Joe's Father's Day gift last year, here)
3. Cake topper printables from Onecharmingparty.com
4. Popcorn cone idea from Pinterest
6. Cake idea from Pinterest
7. Snack label idea from Pinterest
8. Cape pattern and design - all my own


  1. Looks like a "super" party for such an amazing boy! Good job Mama!

  2. I've been watching you pin stuff on pinterest and have been SO EXCITED for this post, his party turned out A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

  3. LOVE this- truly, I believe this will be a party Noah will remember for many years to come! What a lucky kid to have such fun friends to celebrate with; what a lucky kid to have such amazing parents like you doing their best to give him such memorable experiences!

    I can't WAIT to see you guys in just a matter of days!!! :)

  4. Holy crap, girl! You are AMAZING! A REAL birthday party with gifts and no adults.....can't believe he's that old! Wow! Those capes are SO FREAKING FAB!!! So sad his BFF Cal wasn't there to participate! So amazing! My mom did the huge party thing every other year too. But always at home with creative stuff, not at amusement parks or anything. On the "off" years we got to pick a friend to do something more out and about-ish.

  5. I think I'm most impressed by the cake and the capes, though the whole thing sounds fun! Glad it came off so well (yay for perfect weather!)

    Love you

  6. I am in awe....super awe, you might say. ;) LOVE it. Makes me wistful for the days when my girlies were little and I did decked out themed parties for their birthdays.

  7. I LOVE your blog! Such creativity and beautiful photos!! I have a tiny suggestion though... you should make sure you links open into a new window. It won't let me right-click then open to a new window (it thinks I'm trying to steal your stuff!) so every time I click a link I'm taken AWAY from your blog!! No good!! I wanna stay here and keep looking around. :o)

  8. Holy heck, Em! That is just A-mazing! I mean, seriously...you didn't miss a SINGLE detail. WOW oh WOW. I stand in awe....

  9. You are amazing! This party looked amazing! Well done mama! btw...Lucy is too cute!

  10. Do you have a pattern for your capes that you could share? Great job on every aspect of the party!