Life in Less-Than-Perfect Photographs

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cellular telephone photographs: 
I keep trying to chip away at my ever-growing pile of personal photos. I keep promising them to the blog, to family... 


This is the busiest time of year for photographers, and even with my lessened-workload this season, I am still DROWNING in obligations to my clients! Wrapping up the season seems to be taking FOREVAH. 


All I gots, y'all, is cellular telephone photographs. A quick flash of my life in not-so-great-quality, poor imitation of any iPhone/Instagram/Hipstamatic photographs....  My ghetto Blackberry in-phone camera is SO crappy.  But it is what it is. And I am pretty good at taking nearly-daily photos of our life, thanks to my friend Misty, who texts me at least one photo a day of HER life. She makes it easy to remember to do the same and shoot it back to her. I love it. 

So. A few notes on the above mosaic:

1. Lucy's prettiest dress, from Aunt Beckie
2. Lucy loves bath time. LOVES it.
3.Noah's favorite cartoons right now: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Iron Man (the teenager Tony Stark one)
4. Keeping Lucy happy in the moby-style wrap
5. We try to get outside, even in this cold weather... this is Lucy's first time in a swing. 
6. Noah's birthday cake
7. a happy kiddo in the doorway jumper
8. Bathtime is a perfect time to practice drinking from a cup!
9. Wearing mama's sunglasses at a late-fall picnic outing
10. Too often we end up in restaurants... Cop-out. But Lucy is doing great in high chairs!
11. Noah with his Iron Giant felt puppets I made him for his birthday
12. Noah's happy face on his birthday
13. This is a hexagon sculpture in U. City, and I promised Noah we'd stop by sometime for him to let his Iron Man toy slide down the tubes. And we actually did it one day. 
14. Making dinner is STILL not natural for me... this is Lucy's baby food and an easy rice dish I made for one of the nights Joe was not home. 
15. Until last week, Lucy still wasn't rolling from tummy to back. So she'd get "stuck" in her crib and wail.
16. Lucy in the swing again. Loving it. 

Up on deck: I REALLY do mean it when I say I am wrapping up the pro season. I have two full sessions, one mini session, and 7 micro-sessions to edit... Then on to the handmade Christmas gifts... All while battling a cold and trying to make this season about doing things together as a family more than acquiring things as a family... 

And I make no apologizes for putting more of my energy into actually being PRESENT in my days than sitting here talking about it. For now, this is what is working for me. Come mid-winter, I know I'll be restless and crafty and posting a LOT more. Til then.....

Happy weekend to all!


  1. You know what?! I think I love these as much. Your gorgeous little life captured as your living it. No prettying...just as it is. Love them!!

  2. I recognize all but two of these photos! So fun! I really enjoy our photo swap each day! The photos always make me smile! Keep 'em coming!


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