Holiday Moments, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

A few of my favorite moments with Noah this season:

 * He truly believes in Santa Claus this year--- and "got it", ya know? the whole concept. And it was magical. When Santa sent him a message via the Portable North Pole, he tried to talk back like it was Skype---- which actually twisted my heart a little, because I YEARNED for it to be a REAL Skype session for him. He was so earnest.

* He was so eager to go open an Advent envelope each morning, then run to the computer to click on the snow globe advent next (Jacquie Lawson's delightful advents, here).

* Noah began learning Christmas carols this year... Getting quite good at Jingle Bells and Up on the Housetop, among others.

* We watched the heck outta the Netflix streaming holiday cartoons. We kinda went on an Avengers hiatus to enjoy seasonal shows instead.

* Noah was a perfect helper when we made sugar cookie dough and rolled out sugar cookies to cut. I loved seeing him get covered in flour with one of my pretty aprons on... It was one of those, "This is what being a mama is all about!" moments.

*  He inextricably linked Christmas with SNOW, and every time we'd say that Christmas was "x" days away, he'd say, "and then it'll SNOW??" It was tough to try to convince him that snow has its own timeline.

* When we opened the Advent envelope that said we got to go to the Mills to ride the train and the carousel, his reaction was one for the ages: He clenched his little fists, doubled over in tense joy, and chanted feverishly, "USA! USA!USA!USA!" like there was simply NO OTHER thing to say at that moment. It. Was. Priceless.

* We told him the Christmas Story this year using a cheap little Nativity I got from Walgreens last year. It was SO COOL to see him absorb the story and all the details while moving these "action figures" around. I could tell he was GETTING IT. He was really listening to the story. I am so excited that this first layer is in place. I know that as the years come and go, and he matures, he'll just keep adding more layers of meaning to this incredible story--- the reason for it all.

* I'm sure there are a million other moments that are escaping me right now... I love this kid so very much, and have been completely enchanted by Christmas through his eyes. What a neat thing, to be his mama right now. Well, always, really.


Lucy-isms this Holiday:

* Really, she didn't even notice anything different was going on this month... Haha!

* Except, well--- every morning when I'd go to open the blinds next to our Nativity collection, while holding her, she'd eagerly grab for the olive wood ones, hoping THIS would be the day she managed to swipe one for her very own. She never won.

* Other than that, her job this season was to just look cute, smile when Noah was excited, and practice eating Puffs. A LOT of Puffs.

* So this year, in terms of Christmas, there's not much to report on Lucy. But I guarantee that'll change by next year, when she is a mobile holy terror of a 1.5 year old. Ha! We might even have to skip a tree next year if she proves to be too crazy.


But goodness--- that FACE. She was my perfect doll this year, even if she had no idea what was going on. 



New Years Eve is here. What are your plans? I am going to seduce my hubby over some homemade fondue and board games for two.... after the kiddos go to bed. We might even manage to stay awake until midnight! 

Spicy,  I know. 

Happy New Years to All! 


  1. I love that boy so much!!! He is so stinking JOYFUL!!! It was so fun to have Cal get Christmas more this year as well. It melts my heart every time he sings me "Silent Night." Miss you guys!!!

  2. What a wonderful job you've done of capturing the magic of the four year old Christmas! And Lucy is a perfect doll.

  3. Too. Precious. I think my favorite Noah-ism was the reaction to riding the train and carousel at the Mills...

    I loved getting to see you guys! Hopefully, it won't be a year before I get to see you again.

    Love you all!

  4. Adorable! The Noah stories are just precious, and perfect for this age. Hope you're having a joyous 2012...send me your address via FB and I'll send you a Christmas card...meant to do this earlier, but, um...I swear, life gets away from me! Sorry!!!!


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