Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Random Thoughts and Such: 

1. I fell off the "making better food choices" wagon today. I've been doing pretty good for almost 2 months... But today was a McRib/Diet Coke and Cadbury chocolate kind of day. At least I skipped the fries, right?! But truly, I have mostly been better at being mindful of why I choose to eat what I eat, so that I can then make more conscious decisions. Just not today. 

2. Lucy is teething-- the bottom left one-- and her sleep has been regressing. Fun. 

3. Did you know that my hubby Joe is a MASTER snowflake cutter? Truly, he is an artist at it! 

4. I keep trying to chip away at a bunch of recent personal photos I adore--- both the culling and the editing process. It's like walking through mud, though. Up on deck are these: 


-- Noah's birthday party photos. I am about 50% done. Getting there. One painful step at a time. 

5. I have one more day of shooting this year and I am DONE with pro sessions until January. :) I've been having fun, though, and have loved all my recent clients! 

6. I am really struggling with my hair. What to do with it. Maybe I'll take some photos and beg advice from the blogosphere. It's not so pretty. 

7. We got our tree on Saturday and decorated it on Sunday--- I love live trees and our mish-mash of collected ornaments. I love having it up and done and enjoying it all month! 

8. I have so many sewing projects I want to get done for the holidays.... and it feels like I have NO time to start. Between editing and just being a mama, I am out of time on most days. *sigh* I'll get crackin' next week, though, for sure. 

9. Sun is out today. HOORAY! It makes everything better. 

10. I just got done checking out "Once Upon a Time", the new TV show...All caught up and enjoying ti so far... And now I'm checking out the pilot to Grimm. It has potential... :) 

Okay... Back to work with me. 



  1. That super hero is SUPER cute!! Great job on the setup! I can't wait to see the photos from that day!

  2. Can't believe Noah's birthday setup! WOW! You and Joe are a talented team!!! (I don't know for sure that he helped, but I suspected that he did.) We are enjoying Once Upon a Time as well.


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