Inspired: The CUTEST Pig Cupcakes!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Are these pig cuppies making you smile?? They sure made me grin! I got this "Taste of Home" recipe magazine several months back at the checkout counter, and have always intended to make the piggies for fun one day. 

The magazine has them on cookies, but if you know me, why would I make sugar cookies when I can make CUPCAKES??! 

So Noah and I got to work one snowy day, and assembled a batch of vanilla cake mix cuppies with pink homemade buttercream frosting. I purchased and assembled the necessary supplies:


1 package of pink strawberry wafer cookies
1 bag or partial bag of mini chocolate chips
1 bag or partial bag of butterscotch chips
1 bag or partial bag of large marshmallows
pink frosting (you can tint the store bought stuff pink if you want!)
1 batch of cupcakes, any flavor

Helpful Hints:

~ I don't spend time making the actual cupcake gourmet... you can just use the cake mix. The point of these is the piggy cuteness, not the cake itself.

~ For the marshmallows, I found that they looked better if I used my kitchen shears to cut them in half to be shorter. I just reshaped them after the cut and put the cut side down.

~ The butterscotch chips were a cute idea, but NOT convenient to implement. They didn't stay on the marshmallows without some help from a dab of icing. And at that point, if I was going to put a dot of pink frosting on the marshmallow, why not just make THAT the nostril? So I ended up putting frosting in a piping bag and piping on frosting nostrils instead of using the chips. You can see it both ways in my last photo, below, and decide for yourself. (And if you don't already know, a sturdy sandwich-sized Ziploc bag is a PERFECT piping bag. Just put 3/4ths of a cup of frosting in one, sip it up, then snip a tiny corner off of the bottom and pipe the frosting out of that hole.)

~ The strawberry wafers were NOT easy to cut. They didn't maintain themselves well... splitting apart all over the place. Must be because I used the cheap brand! So if you look again at the prep picture above, you'll see that I salvaged what I could. Some of the triangles are perfectly cut, others are half or even a quarter of the actual wafer, thickness-wise... and I just rolled with it. I had a MASSIVE "discard" pile by the end! Once the wafer (or partial wafer) was in the frosting on the pig, it held together fine. 


And once all that nonsense was worked out (and my 3-year-old LONG gone from the "helping" part of it), we had a batch of reasonably cute replicas of that cute pig idea I was inspired to recreate from the Taste of Home magazine. 


And so.... With that inspired idea, we head into a new month this week!! Spring is FINALLY really close! (And March is the LAST MONTH for me to get things done before baby time comes. ACK!!!)

In the spirit of tackling the new month with purpose and vigor, I'm posting my to-do list here, all "cute'ed up" so that maybe it'll be fun for me to get to it and get things done.

And with that, Noah is up from nap and I should go focus on the rest of my Sabbath with my boys... foster those sweet relationships in the moments I get with them....



  1. Love the piggie cupcakes. I am definitely going to make these with finley. She really love helping me make sweets in the kitchen. Melts my heart.

    Also, love your to do list.

  2. Hi Emily!!
    Those are so cute!! I hope you're feeling well... and I can't wait to see that sweet little girl when we come out for a visit!

  3. Cute little piggies! I like your version with the icing nostrils better.
    If you need help with a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g this month to prepare for Lucy, please don't hesitate to ask. I owe you! <3 And now that I know I can drive to your house... lol!

  4. LOVE the piggies! Love that I recognize that cake plate! :) And I ADORE your To Do List. I need to make one of those myself... It may just help me make it through...

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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  6. this is amazing! i can't wait to try this recipe for cute cupcakes. i really like the categories of your to do list. i must make up one for myself! good idea :)

  7. I love theses piggy cupcakes! So cute! I'm making these for my daughter's 1st birthday this Sunday. I'm hoping to bake them Saturday so I have more prep time Sunday for the other food. Do you think they will keep fine for a day? Would you recommend waiting on the marshmallow (since it's cut in 1/2) so it doesn't become hard? I'm not sure if I should refrigerate them or store them at room temp.

  8. Jessica,

    I do think they'll keep for a day, though I think your idea to hold off on the marshmallow is a good idea. Do that right before you serve them to keep them soft.

    Room temp should be fine, but I'd cover them loosely with saran wrap to keep moisture in.

    Good luck and happy birthday to your daughter!

  9. Thank you so much for the advice! I'm going to bake & ice them tonight after she's in bed then do the finishing touches tomorrow. I'm so happy I found these! It's perfect for our party! She was a pink piggy for Halloween so we had professional photos taken of her in costume & the invites said, "This little piggy turns 1!" Thanks for the birthday wishes & the awesome tutorial! :)

  10. These are adorable. My granddaughter loves Peppa Pig. I see a batch of these being whipped up in my kitchen. I would love for you to linkup your great posts at my Sunday's Best linkup. It starts every Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST and ends the following Friday. Glad I found your blog, and thanks for sharing.


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