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Thursday, February 3

Monster Shirt... Done! (I'm in LOVE.)

My project for the day yesterday was to recycle a t shirt I had for Noah into a Monster T Shirt, freestyle... 

I am SO pleased with the result!



I fully give credit for my inspiration to THIS Etsy seller: Aidelle, and her "Ricky the Raindrop" shirt. I totally borrowed the idea of using the terrycloth as the head, and the pirate patch, layered eyeball... ooops, and I also just now see my feet idea was actually more like hers than I realized. I did try to branch out and make it my own... But I gotta confess- I'm RARELY an original. I just don't have very many ideas of my own! Blah. But that fur mohawk and mustache? ALL me. 
(Gen, I used fabric from your Wizard of Oz duvet giftie project! Can you see?)

But I am STELLAR at implementing ideas I have been inspired by. And I LOVE applique as a sewing technique. LOVE it. Kinda really really love it, actually. And am I tho only one fascinated by the BACKSIDE of the applique project??

 I love the messy lines, love seeing the little patches where I clearly ceased my rhythm and had to think on the spot... Love the textures and such...

So is that just interesting to me? :)


And Noah wanted to say hi while I was snapping Monster Shirt pics:
(He's posing with Hector, the yellow sports car that Daddy rescued yesterday from beneath the oven. Boy was THAT a momentous rescue operation. Joy abounded all around.)


So yeah. Monsters, imitating, applique, and cute toddlers.
And ... That's all I have to say about that today. 


Melanie said...

Nolan saw me scrolling through this and yelled "WAIT! I want to see that red Angry Bird!"

I told him it was a shirt you made for Noah and his response was, "for me?"

Looks like I'll be trying this for Nolan! :) It turned out so cute!

Stefanie said...

LOVE it! And LOVE the mustache! :)

Emily S. said...

Stef, that mustache happened at the 11th hour, all because of YOU. Thanks for reminding me of how much I love mustaches, just in time for this project! :) :)

Mel.... I LOVE that he said it was an Angry Bird!!!!

Mandy said...

so cute!! looks great! I may have to make a shirt for my son inspired by this, I'm always trying to think of things to make for him. thanks for sharing!

*jess* said...

LOVE it! I made Makky a similar shirt a couple of years ago! So cute.

Emily said...

You did a great job! (as usual)...I love it! Now baby girl needs one :)

Maxmomma said...

SO COOL! Jonas says it is a pirate pickle.