31 Weeks: Nesting Visions and Cozy Home Dreams...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's something about the the lingering, never ending tail of winter that starts my mind to dreaming of the warmer future just weeks ahead. It seems to be this time of year that I am the most fruitful with my own crafty projects--- making colorful little things with my hands that stave off the chill and cabin fever of January and February.It's my sanity--- sewing, creating, waiting out the chill by being creative.

I have lots of little things I've been completing I want to post... But that's another post-- soon.

The other thing that has begun consuming me this winter, as the snow piles and doesn't melt-- as the skies stay mostly gray and we stay stuck indoors, is the beginning of NESTING--at least, in my head. We have become pretty certain that we'll be staying in this house now for at least another year, so suddenly, after a year of just STAYING in this house, I am beginning to think of ways we can begin to LIVE in it-- as our own. I know, I know--- we've been here a YEAR. Why not nest into it sooner? It's complicated, but there's something about wanting a "room of one's own"... but not really having it, that made it hard for me to commit to any kind of truly MOVING IN here. It's been comfortable--- cozy... A healing place. But not MINE.

But with the baby coming, and some new plans in the works for Kate to come take some of her furniture and things, I think there's going to be some empty spaces that I feel ready to fill... I am so ready for this! I'm beginning Lucy's quilt, and have some little ideas for the nursery. We're getting Noah a toddler bed (FINALLY), and I have plans for HIS new bedding and some room ideas...

And then there's the yard. The ideas I find myself stewing on the most involve the hazy, sunny dreams of what I'd like to do when we can finally sit and be outside again, me and my two little ones.  I am READY.

I want zinnias.


I want to plant a riot of them along the picket fence... They grow so well, and keep on giving all season...

And I want tomatoes.


I want 6 to 8 plants right outside my side door, for making mozzarella caprese and fresh salsas all summer long.

And I want a clothesline.


Am I the only one still completely charmed by the idea of an old-fashioned clothesline?? I love the way it looks, love what it does to clothes... love so many things about what it represents. And I am beginning to get excited about stringing a small one up in my side yard to use during the spring and summer.

Oh, nesting visions.... Oh cozy home dreams.... I have so many more brewing and hatching in this little noggin of mine. I hope even SOME of these ideas come to fruition, even when the little baby bunny comes and changes everything...

I'll keep dreaming... and we'll see how it goes. :)


  1. first of all...huh? you are ALREADY 31 weeks?!?! second of all, can't wait to see lucy's quilt/nursery and noah's big boy bedding/room!

  2. Emily, you look marvelous!! I love the red! I am so with you on the piles and piles of snow! and I love zinnias.. I always plant bunches of the state fair ones (they get really tall and full). I LOVE that print- where did you find it? I am thinking I *need* it for my new kitchen!!

    keep up with your crafting, excited to see the quilt come together!

  3. *sigh* my heart is aching for spring. I love snow and winter, but I can't wait for what warmer weather is going to do to this place.

    I am also aching for a place of my own. Somewhere I can make plans and follow through with them. Where I can do things and not have to worry what this other person thinks about it.

    I too have been dreaming about gardening even though I know very little about it.

    And Bonnie DOES have a clothesline that she uses when it's warm. I am really excited.

    Love you!

  4. Cute baby bump. You will love to dry your clothes outside. In the summer I dry everything outside. You have the cutest blog. (PS. we met very quickly at the peas STL GTG last summer).

  5. I LOVE zinnias! I planted some last year and they didn't really spread like I hoped. Not sure what I did wrong. Maybe this summer? Your bump is so cute. I'm jealous.

  6. You know you are speaking my language, my dear! Love it. All of it. And I'm getting my full-on clothesline this summer, too.

  7. Now you're having a bunny?!? What is the deal with thisA thing growing inside you?! ;)

    Um, I have always loved/wanted a clothesline! I always loved the fun we had as kids of playing in the sheets when mom hung the bedding laundry!

    And I totally feel your nesting dreams- I long to have a home of my own that I can cozy up and decorate and spread out in...



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