30 Weeks...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Thirty weeks as of Sunday. Lucy is INSANE with the rolling, bumping, moving, twitching. Joe finally got to feel it for himself, though I haven't tested Noah's patience with it yet--- Not sure she'd perform in a timely enough manner to satisfy him. Soon, though. :) It is so much fun! 

At thirty weeks, and in the middle of this snowy Snow Day week, I am a little cabin-feverish and feeling a bit whiny... Especially with this gestational diabetes. The thing is, I just got the call last week, so I haven't met with the doctor in person yet. And the 3-hour class I was supposed to participate in this week was canceled because of snow, so I don't get to go in and be educated until next week now... So while I know a few things to begin trying and a few things to begin avoiding, I am largely in the dark, and stuck at home with inadequate dietary supplies, and going through withdrawals from the sweets and starches I love.... And it is making me CRABBY. I'm a food addict having her drug taken away, but with no official PLAN in place yet... so I'm winging it right now, and kinda resentful that I can't have that frosting sitting in my fridge right now. Or those caramel/chocolate Nilla wafer pops leftover from Mel's Christmas goodie box. Blah. 

I know that the first days are hardest... So I know I'll be in better shape in a few days from now if I just stick with this. I also know that getting the education and information I need will greatly empower me to keep going... And having the glucometer to measure my actual numbers will teach me a LOT about my specific blood sugars and what I react to. And I also know that once I'm able to get out of this ice-bound home and get MOVING, that the exercise will help a LOT. 

But til then.... I'm a sugar/starch addict, trying to wean herself alone in an ice-bound house with NO official plan in place yet. CRABBY, I tell ya. 

Add to that, Miss Betty, my left chestal region, got re-infected two weeks ago and the Dr. reinserted two drains and put me on two weeks of antibiotics again. And after my week-followup last week, she decided to keep the drains in a bit longer. So now they have to be cared for, the dressings changed, the gunk cleaned, and they HURT and they ITCH... It's not as bad as the initial Betty Problems, but it's a pain to deal with and adding to my irritated mood. 

So. I'm kinda really whiny today. Hormonal and fussy, and I'm amazed Joe is still managing to be so sweet to me. He's been having a blast with Noah, making toilet-paper-tube bugs with pipe cleaners with him, exploring the house "hunting for bugs", playing games with him, reading him books... He's been a life-saver as I've been fighting my moodiness. He is such a good dad, ALL THE TIME. Could I be any luckier??

Ack... But there are things to look forward to yet... Even today. Like, my project of the day is to attempt a freestyle "monster shirt" for Noah, appliqued on an upcycled plain tshirt I have. I think I'll have fun planning and executing that! And I get to ponder beautiful fabrics for Lucy's baby quilt... I'm swooning over collections from Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Anna Griffin, and on and on.... It's like Christmas, getting to buy such amazing fabrics all at once! The quilt pattern calls for THIRTY SIX fabrics.... WOW! Luckily, all in fat quarters, so I'm not totally breaking the bank on those yardages. 
Anyway... If I'm not careful, I'll end up on a tangent about how much I'm loving fabric, and that can get boring... Ha! So I'll move on...

Week Thirty. Hmph. Good. Bad. Snowy. No worries. Moving right along and mostly managing. 

Hey... that monster shirt is a-calling. Gotta go create something!


  1. Emily - Thank you for sharing your world! Noah and Lucy are such lucky little ones!

  2. Emily - Thank you for sharing your world! Noah and Lucy are such lucky little ones!

  3. Hey girlie! Here's a rough photo of one of the shirts we made Neil...!/photo.php?fbid=1676584187554&set=a.1630804923101.92476.1025950913

  4. Ack! I too am addicted to sugar and carbs and get immensely cranky whenever I am trying to take them out (a rare day indeed with my lack of discipline). Brilliant idea to go create to help out. I've always loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk on God's happiness being intricately linked to creation and compassion. Wow, Emily- I am inspired by your strength and tenacity. Love you so much. I am glad you have those sweet boys there with you through all of this- you three make a wonderful crew.


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