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Monday, August 16


Today is a new week. 

Today I want to:

1. make carrot zucchini pineapple muffins
2. clean my room-- specifically, put away my clothes in an orderly fashion.
3. package client prints/books to mail
4. mail said packages
5. get a hair trim
6. get to Target to buy shorts/shoes for Noah for family photos
7. get to thrift store to scout out vintage shirts for Joe for family photos
8. make a practice felt flower headband for family photos
9. cut out pieces for real felt flower headband for family photos
10. all of the above in between snuggling/playing with/reading to/laughing with/caring for Noah.

If I get any of it done, I'll be back to report. :)


  1. Fun! Who's doing your family photos? It'll be great to see YOU for a change! :)

  2. Good Luck!! :) Can't wait to see your family portraits!!

  3. Give Noah a big hug and kiss from us!

  4. So are you going to share your carrot zucchini pineapple muffins recipe? They sound scrumptious!

  5. Those muffins are my favorite. you posted the recipe a few years ago and I make them all the time.
    Ashley just took photos of my new baby and we gushed over you and wished you were with us the whole time. You inspire us and I miss you!