I Do Wanna Write....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I have reams of stuff in my head all the time these days---- epiphanies I've been having about my life, ideas about how I want to change, observations and musings.... 
But it's terrible: Every time I have these writings in my head, I'm either driving, running/walking, going to sleep, or elbow-deep in Mom-Life with no real opportunity to sit and write... 

And then, tonight, when I might have something to say and the time to say it, Blogger killed my mojo by taking for-freaking-ever to load up. I swear, Blogger, you are on your last legs with me. I just need some help with my Wordpress and I am OUTTA here....

Anyway.... So.... There's nothing more to say tonight. I'm too irritated and over it. And I keep making these insane typos. (Did I ever tell you I type with two fingers a hand, staring at the keyboard the whole time? And I'm FAST at it... But not necessarily ACCURATE. It drives me NUTS.)

So... A new week.... Lots on my mind as usual---- thinking a LOT about work, sacrifice, faith, slowness, mindfulness, waiting and waiting.... Feeling like I am onto something REAL and lasting and new and good for me and my family....

LOTS of changes going on over here....

And never a time to really sit and WRITE write write....

So I'll share a few more sessions from the summer. I will get to the flower tutorial I have had on the back burner for a while... and I'll wait for the perfect moment of inspiration and TIME to get some of this stuff outta my head and into the universe. 

Some day. 

For now, I am TIRED. And sometimes I think no one reads this anymore anyway, 'cause I post too many sessions and not enough of MY life.... *shrug*

Oh well, a quandary for another time.



  1. Sessions OR life, no matter. You're stuck with me!

  2. Stuck with me too! The idea of you typing with two fingers is a fit of giggles, seriously, TWO FINGERS??? :)
    I used to use Wordpress, but they didn't have as many photo options, that was nearly 2 years ago so maybe things have chnaged since then. And for what it's worth, I type with ten fingers and still don't have time to write.

  3. I like the sessions, but I do wish there was more of your awesome life. Either way I will always read. Sometimes when I feel like I am in a "rutt" I read old posts that I wrote when I had more time and it inspires me to forget the laundry and take my kids somewhere crazy! :)

  4. If it makes you feel better, I check it almost daily to see what fun things are posted. I think that you should NOT worry about what you're posting...that should be the least of your concerns. Worry about the bigger things, and post what you want, and we'll all still check it out.

    I definitely understand the tired and frustrated feeling. I am NOT good at slowing down life and enjoying it more...just feeling like I'm "getting through" most days. Too much to do!!!!

  5. Brandi-lee9:56 AM

    Totaly get where your at! You really are on the right track though, heaps of people go through life on auto-pilot but your stopping to re-evaluate all the time. So your mixture of photos and then your thoughts are fantastic to me!!

  6. I personally think you have a great balance on here...and we all like to see your beautiful portraits ... just BE. The rest will take care of itself! :)

  7. I still read. :)

    I love my wordpress blog.

    I fell asleep on my journal last night because I had the urge to write but turned out to be too tired.

    I type very fast with ALL fingers. :P

  8. I'm still here even though I seldom comment. I feel the SAME way about having lots to say whenever it's NOT convenient to say it. I, however, type with all my fingers, so we don't have that in common. I'm totally trying to picture how you do that.....type with two fingers per hand. I just tried it and it's HARD. It's super hard for me to not use my thumb on the space bar. Ha!

  9. Don't you dare for a minute think that we're not reading. Because we are! :)

  10. Okay, this guilt-trip ticket has been acknowledged ;) I don't think I've commented as much, but I still read. Thanks for introducing me to Google Reader, because I now always know when you post something new. And I always read it, even if I don't always comment. To share a quote from a family favorite, "There is never enough time to do or say all the things that we would wish..."

    So, don't stress over what you haven't done. Delight in what you HAVE done. Don't give up on those writing ideas- a lot of my inspirations for journal writings/musings also come at inconvenient times when I can't really write. But I keep trying for when I can...

    I'm so happy for these good changes in your life. And whatever happens, I'm totally behind you! (Or, I guess I'm technically beside you, since IN is to the east, not the south, or whatever... I guess it depends on how you look at it.)

    Okay, I'm done now.


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