Ah, Memories....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Noah, 3 months old:


Noah, 2 months old:

Noah has been away on his first overnight adventure with his grandparents this week. I took him to Columbia on Thursday, and he spent Thursday and Friday playing with his grandparents, his Aunt Kirsti, Aunt Beckie, and all the animals--- a grand adventure for him, but a touch emotional for all of us. He comes home this morning, and I am, totally ready. I've missed him!!

However, during his time there, I embarked on a Personal Photo Blitz-- non-stop (except for sleep) work on tackling my biggest, most burdensome, most guilt-inducing chunk of my ever-present to-do list: my personal photos. I have been behind since before Noah was born, so I spent all evening Thursday and all day yesterday working working working to sort, purge, edit, and compile my old images into hardcover, printed, bound photo albums for my family to enjoy in the years to come. I had 2006 done and ready to print, and my goal was to complete 2007 and 2008. 

By the end of last night, it was clear that the 2008 one was not going to get done, and it broke my ambitious heart. But 2007 is done--- split into two books because I take so many darn photos (!!), and it looks WONDERFUL. I am so excited for the completed part of this crazy project. And 2008 is going to get done soon. I spent the better part of last night just finalizing the organizing of the months of that year (hence the two photos above, two of my favorite from early 2008), and 2008 is now ready to slide into the book templates. Easy peasy. Ish. 

So.... That's where I've been the last few days--- nose to the grindstone, trying to lighten this personal burden I've created for myself of getting MY photos ready to display. Working on MY history. MY family. Thank goodness for time off from work right now. I am on a roll... so even with Noah home today, I think I'll keep this going-- I want to try to get at least half of 2008 done by this weekend. 

*fingers crossed*

And then.... Well, there's 2009 and an awful lot of 2010 waiting to be tackled. EEK!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!! Go hug your kiddos! I missed mine terribly...


  1. I am green with envy!

    My photos are not organized at all. They are all backed up, but I still have the old paper photos I need to put in albums from when Casey was a baby.

    Time flies, and I sure wish I would have stayed on top of my photos! So glad that you were able to accomplish as much as you did!!! You'll have to show us some photo snippets of your final work.:)

  2. I hear ya sista!! I haven't touch any of 2009 to present. What a great time to sit down and tackle this project. I bet when he comes home you'll be stuck to him like glue. :)

  3. oh..... lucky grandparents and family!!! Love you


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