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Monday, August 24, 2009

Note: I am taking a bit of a hiatus for the next week or two... So during this break, instead of current events from my own life, I am going to be blogging sessions from this Spring/Summer busy season I simply have never been able to catch up on. I hope when I return full-force, I'll be back in the zone and able to be my usual optimistic, over-analytical, zany, life-loving self. Til then, enjoy an overload of images. And please still comment, if you feel so inspired. I totally admit to checking my email for comments. I'm a validation junkie that-a-way. Ha!

Catch-Up Session
This is Jewlia, a former student of mine, and a wildly creative and inspired soul. She had an unconventional senior year, so she never got the photographs we always planned. So, a year later (which makes these Not Quite Senior Portraits), we got together to play and stretch the conventions and boundaries of a typical senior session. It became more of an "artist session"... Both she and I collaborating on wildly creative ideas.

This girl amazes me. I love when someone I was supposed to inspire instead inspires me.

Thanks, J. This was a perfect evening.

{psst... if you tell me YOUR favorites and why, I'll tell you mine...}


  1. easily one of my shoots you've ever done. You two were the perfect combo of photographer and subject.

  2. Its hard to pick a favorite - they're all terrific! What a fun girl!

  3. Dawn otf3:29 PM

    There are more than a few that I like.

    #6 I like the way she has her feet. Kinda playful and awkward at the same time. Makes me think her personality is like that.

    #10 I love the way you can make even a parking lot look cool. I also like the little smirk she has.

    #11 Love the brightness of the whole photo.

    #14 I like the perspective, composition, and the way her body fills the whole frame.

    #16 Love the use of complimentary colors. The green pops off the red and frames her face nicely.

    #17 Again her slightly awkward pose draws me in. It makes me feel like I "get" her. If that makes sense.

    Sorry for the novel.

    Love them.

  4. Yellow balloons, red bar, green grass...the color just pops and is such an eye-catcher!

    Great job, Em!

  5. :) Beth10:39 PM

    I'm sorry I can't leave a comment tonight. I'm too busy troweling a wall with mortar in order to paint a cloudscape on it. Then I'm going to find a yellow balloon and just stand there and look SMASHING!!

  6. This is definitely one of my favorite shoots of yours! She's just adorable in every single photo. I thought my favorites were the ones with the old cameras - then I saw the ones with the balloon in front of the painted walls... those are my favorites. So much color, so much fun.

  7. Wow, what a great shoot! They are all great.

  8. I love #1 to show off her interests, #6 because she looks completely adorable, and the color contrast in #16 is LOVELY!

  9. Judie3:12 PM

    I could only dream of having style like that... she's adorable! And I can't just pick ONE so I pick them ALL!

  10. I love these shots- especially the vintage-style ones! Such a beautiful girl- I love how you can just make the natural beauty of any given person shine through in their portraits.


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