Dear Someone:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Someone Who Loves Me and Clearly Knows Me Well:

I got home today from an impromptu family outing to the CityGarden, and, laden down with diaper bag, wet clothes, towels, and lunch in a to-go bag, I stepped over the pile of mail pushed through our mail slot. Took one step away, stopped, then turned around and went back. Peered closer at the pile. And saw.....

the latest issue of "Real Simple" magazine. With MY name on it.


Whoever you are, you are SPOT on. I adore this magazine. It is pretty much a PERFECT magazine for me, from the gorgeous photographs to the clean lines and excellent ideas... The inspiration. And I have never subscribed to it because it it a luxury. Something I can browse at the store and sigh over, but then put back and let go. But to have my very own subscription? TRUE DECADENCE.

Whether my giver intends to reveal themselves or whether it was meant to be an anonymous treat, let me just say--- THANK YOU. This is awesome. I am still giddy. THANK YOU.

And now that I see my OWN reaction to such an unexpected treat, it makes me think... Hm... How can I pay this forward? I'll be pondering that a bit more as I go. 'Cause everyone deserves this bubble of unexpected joy once in a while.

Anyway, to my giver, I am deeply grateful. Have a sunny day!




  1. Oh, how fun! We went to the City garden the other day to and had a blast. I too started receiving a free subscription to a magazine however mine was to Health...I'm sure I need it but Real Simple would have been way better. Enjoy it!!!

  2. What a fabulous idea! Wish I had thought of it. . . Such a great way to pick up your day.

    Good goin', mystery magazine giver!

  3. Oh, that is awesome. Now my mind is brimming with all sorts of ideas for random acts of mail kindness.

  4. Ha! I really, really did not intend for this to be a mystery!! I told you, awhile back, to expect a lil' something in 6-8 weeks, thinking I'd mention what it actually was, later, and then I forgot! I got mine yesterday, too, and thought "Oh, I bet Em's will get to her soon! Yay!" Anyway, I KNOW you're a Real Simple girl....even if we haven't actually discussed it. :)

  5. Judie7:10 PM

    Such a thoughtful, unexpected treat! And that you're already pondering how to "pay it forward" is amazing!

  6. I love my Real Simple magazine...been a subscriber for years. It is my indulgence as far as magazines go--that and Cooking Light!

  7. Genny -- You ROCK! I wish I would've thought of THAT!!!

  8. I just gifted myself "Real Simple Parenting" - a special issue that has me swooning over every page. I hope you enjoy yours as much! What fun!

  9. Oh my, now I'm mourning anew the expiration of my own subscription. Love that mag... sigh. Happy for you tho!

    I have, however, taken up the nasty habit of tearing things out of waiting room magazines... it fills the void momentarily...


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