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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh Miss Ava-- You are getting cuter and cuter!

(and a fun one of her big sister... just clowning around...)
These are from Miss Ava's Six-Month Session... a mini-session that is part of a bigger package-- Baby's First Year. It is so fun to see these little ones grow from newborn to toddler with each 3 month milestone... And fun for mama to have keepsake photographs showing the changes and progress of their baby.

The details of the package:

Baby's First Year- $500
{4 MiniSessions: 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year}

Each session will take 30-45 mins. and will be custom designed for each age
Each session will have 15-20 final, edited images to choose from
You will get one free 5x7 from each session. (Additional prints can be ordered, of course.)

At the end of baby's first year, you will get:

1 8x10 hard cover book with all edited images from all 4 sessions
1 10x20 storyboard with one image from each session
1 low-resolution (4x6 or smaller) CD of all edited images

If desired, a high-resolution CD (20x24 or smaller) can be substituted for a $150 charge.

Newborn sessions are not included here, but can be added to the package for a discounted general session fee of $125.

For more details, please email me at southerlandgirl @ yahoo . com.


In other news.... I have SO many thing to share, to document, to blather on and on about....
So many photographs to share of our trip out west... of the Midwest Crafty weekend with my girls... Of Noah just being Noah.... of.... Oh man... just of LIFE.

I have a newfound passion for MY life, for me as I am... for me separate from this photography nonsense. I am feeling like I have been given some incredible direction and advice from some incredible people, and I feel really centered right now. Add to that the excitement I feel for the future-- for my sister being home, for Joe's schooling coming to a close (and new adventures coming in the form of grad school and change and newness)....
The joy I feel at having a recently cleaned house and some time to be creative (THANK YOU CRAFTY GIRLS!!).... And I feel marvelous. Truly blessed.

So.... As I continue to shift the balance and focus of my time back to my little universe, and continue to trim away the excess, I will be back... I have stuff to SHARE. I have some online journaling to do.

Love it.

I really really do.


  1. Where did you get that giant tea cup?! It's darling (and so is that baby inside of it). I love how amazing you're getting at photography, big sis!

  2. :) Beth8:21 PM

    Ooooooh! Now I just need a baby.

  3. I love the First Year idea!!! Fabulous!!

  4. Love these Emily! That tea cup is to die for!

  5. Love that you are finding your way back to you. Now if I could just find my way to you, then maybe it would rub off on me!


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