Fear, Pt.2:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you ever gotten those phone calls that throw your whole world out of balance? Make your heart race? Tell you that things might not be as they seem?

I got one today.

And while it is still too soon to really go into it here, I just needed to tell the universe I am scared. And maybe the universe will cradle me and help me find faith.

And for those of you who have ever been in a place of uncomfortable uncertainty, in one way or another, I ache for you. I wish I could hold you as I yearn to be held right now.

So, a prayer:
Please, Lord-- Help me to find peace. Help me to trust that the path You have set me on is the path I am meant to follow. That great blessings will come out of this journey, even if the road becomes bumpy. That it is not about the destination, but the experiences along the way.

And please... Let this just be a kink, and not a real cause for despair.

I put it all in Your hands.

I am working on faith.




  1. Thinking of you, Emily! I hope that all is okay...

  2. Dawn otf10:24 PM

    I hope all is ok. Thinking of you.

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  4. What a beautiful prayer. All I can tell you is that things alway work out the way they should. We might not like it. We might be very scared while we kick and scream the whole time but it always works out. You are strong and with Him you are stronger. I am sending you good thoughts and peace.

  5. Hey, you...thanks for sharing this. I think these curveballs are thrown at us for a reason, and your ability to see that, through the difficulties, is a testament to your strength.

    I am so glad for you that you have your faith now. It gives ME better peace to know you put your trust in that faith.

    I've said this about twelve times today, but it bears repeating:
    I love you.

  6. Oh Em, My heart is with you. May he hold you close in his almighty hands! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  7. Emily, I hope everything works out for you. Fear is never, ever fun. Your prayer is beautiful. I wish my faith were as strong. It seems to crumple whenever I feel any kind of fear.

  8. Maybe the bat was just helping you get ready for this one. Hoping peace finds you soon my friend.

  9. Peace, love and joy to you in the midst of this fear. Fear can cripple you, but sometimes it allows the "best us" to here's hoping that your fears bring out even more of the "best you."

  10. You have a way with words. I hope all is ok. Love you!

  11. Oh Emily, this does not sound good. I hope whatever it is has a silver lining or turns out better than expected. I wish I was a better writer and could give you a proverbial hug--actually, I don't even know if that is the right use of proverbial :) So please know I'm thinking of you and praying for you.

  12. I hope that things are going okay. And just remember this:

    We do not always know what our Heavenly Father has in store for us but, whatever it is, He will ALWAYS provide a way for us to make it through it.

    I PROMISE you that is true!! Lots of love, prayers and good thoughts being sent your way! Love you!

  13. My thoughts are with you and hope that it is indeed just a little kink and not something bad.

  14. Though I don't know what uncertainty lies in your path, I do know that you will get through, despite the fear. You have an amazing husband who loves you and supports you in every way he knows how. You have an incredible son who never fails to delight and inspire. You have your own faith that has carried you through to this point and will continue to grow if you choose to let it grow. And you have a big family who loves you. I know I'm two states away, but know that I am right there with you as much as I am able to be. I pray you will find peace in your heart, even in the midst of the uncertainty. I love you.

  15. Big Hugs to you, my dear.

  16. Emily - I hope that whatever is works itself out. You cannot show courage with out fear. I can tell you that it is amazing what you can get through.

  17. I like the thought about the bat being preparation. You handled that, you can handle this. And you're in my prayers...

    Love you


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