Cupcakes: FlourGirls and DoughBoys in American Fork, UT

Friday, August 7, 2009

Moving on, moving forward.... Let's start the day with CUPCAKES! Truly, one of life's best delights.

I wanted to show you the incredible cupcakes we bought while on our trip to Utah last month:
My bessie Katie introduced us to the incredible bakery/cafe Flour Girls and Dough Boys the last time we visited, and I remembered that their cupcakes were amazing. So we headed back there this summer.
Just look. Seriously. These made my heart SING..... :)
Anyone for a close-up?? (Can't you just taste them?)
This time, they had refined their selection into a themed offering-- StoryBook Cupcakes. Each cupcake was named after and designed around a famous storybook character. This was nearly too cute to handle. Behold:

Holy cow. SO good. Seriously, if you are anywhere near American Fork, Utah, get thee to this bakery! Flour Girls and Dough Boys, 35 N. Barrett Ave, American Fork, UT 84003.

They also have an incredible cafe menu, too... so make time for lunch, but keep room for dessert.



  1. I love that place and I can just taste the goodness. Thanks for the pictures so I can pretend I got to enjoy those.

  2. Whoa. WHOA WHOA.


    (damn your photography skills for making me consider a flight out to Utah just to grab some of those real quick!)

  3. Just in case you ever decide that you aren't being creative ENOUGH (ya if THAT would ever happen...) you should try going into advertising photography. That lil bakery just got FREE adverisement, and it really did open up some cravings I never thought I'd get from a photo. Your work is simply amazing, girl!

  4. Now I NEED to learn how the bus system in Provo works just so I can head to American Fork and get fat off cupcakes. Or, better yet, become a long-distance biker so I can work off the cupcakes after every visit.

  5. Oh man, I totally want that Ogre one right now!! YUM!!

  6. Seriously that bakery ought to be paying you for this post. I'm definitely stopping there next summer!

  7. Wow, i love that there is a pomegranete filler out there.

  8. And they tasted as good as they look. . .


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