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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two bessies + evening in St. Louis + recently seen "500 Days of Summer" + charming blue vintage bike + my recent craving to play with my old film camera + two rolls of Fuji 200 ISO =


(I loved it all, my friends. LOVED. And what a trick to only get 48 shots to do it in. A VERY good exercise for all you photogs out there. GO! Do it!

And Beckie and Kyle and Jenna.... You can come be my muses ANYtime. Just bring that bike back with ya.)

Oh, and thank you for the comment love for my lovely subject Jewlia. My favorites? Well, obviously the ones I chose to show are my TOP of the whole session.... But if I had to only pick two favorites, they'd be the red barn yellow balloon shot at the end where she is gazing pensively into the distance, and the blue cloud wall with balloon. Oh, and the moustache-behind-a-tree...
And look for a few last GREAT ones from her session. Probably tomorrow...


  1. Loved that movie! And love the shots...of course.

  2. Dawn otf11:25 PM

    What a warm feeling throughout.

    I don't even know where my old Canon AE-1 is at. Plus, I don't think I could manually focus anymore. Way too spoiled with auto. :)

  3. The pic of Kyle on the handlebars is priceless!

  4. Wow, those are all so great and fun.

  5. These are so neat! It looks so different than your other photos...I hope you do this more often! (Not that either digital or film is better or worse than the's just different!)

    P.S. WOW, Beckie and Kirsti look so much alike..

  6. What FUN that must've been to do those photos...LOVE the ones of Beckie w/ her skirt all hiked pretending to drive the bike! AND...the one of Kyle about falling off the handle bars...I giggled a little too loud in the teacher's lounge @ that one...oops!

  7. And THAT my dear is why I love film... Perfect EVERY single time if it's metered correctly!

  8. Love the pictures more and more with each viewing. We should go see "Julie and Julia" and I'll dress up like a lamb chop.

  9. very cool! love it - you are doing a PHantastic job with all things creative, cool, cameras - sorry, poor job with alliteration.

    xoxo :)

  10. Love it! Kyle with the feathers is also hilarious. Of course, not surprisingly, all the shots are fantastic in their own way. What a fun thing to do for a bessie reunion (and where oh where did you get that incredible bike?! I love that it even has the ribbons coming out of the handlebars!)
    Thanks for sharing.


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