The Epic Hair Tale

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The following post is excessive. It's self-absorbed. It's borderline obnoxious.

But it's also what's been plaguing me for weeks now, and it's been cathartic to compile, so there you have it. Plus, I cannot think of a better receptacle/resource for venting about this topic than the random Internet, where I can send my friends to check out the post to help me out, but also get, possibly, random advice from strangers, who are a LOT more likely to be truthful. Ha.

Thus, I begin---- My EPIC HAIR TALE.

So. I'm in Hair Crisis. I'm a shabby, sloppy mom-of-two with naturally curly hair that wilts all too quickly, in an un-dyed-but-ever-so-slowly-getting-grey-patches blah color. Since the birth of Lucy, I've been in this limbo of "growing out-ness" that has been more accidental and passive than intentional, and after feeling spunky and sassy for two years with a short haircut and flowers in my hair, I have ended up here--- in a BLAH realm of non-style... But feeling like maybe I'm too far into it to just give up and go back to the short cut.

The problem is multi-faceted.

1. I am a mom of two who doesn't have the time or drive to "do" my hair.

2. Back in the spunky short days, I could wash and go and it would mostly be AWESOME and cute anyway. With longer hair, "wash and go" is NOT working anymore.

3. My hair is curly. When I first get done getting ready, I enter into a "lovely curl" state of being that lasts..... 2 hours. Max. Then it fades, wilts, becomes messy-looking, and into a ponytail it goes. But already curly, it is now IMPOSSIBLE to straighten or add some light "wave" to it without starting from scratch again. See #1.

4. I tend to NOT love hair on my face. Even when I wear my hair down, I'm tucking it behind my ears. Inevitably, a ponytail FEELS best by the end of the day. No hair in my face, driving me crazy.

5. I am not at my skinniest. So adding my overall feeling of "frumpy" to the "bad hair days" is KILLING my spirit. No spunk around here lately, ya'll. I NEED A CHANGE!!

6. But I am afraid to go back to the style that seems to suit me best--- the short curly style with a flower or doo-dad in my hair. I fear that I'll end up being the Lady Whose Hair NEVER Changed Over Four Decades. That seems embarrassing. Maybe more embarrassing than this frumpy UN-Style?

So there it is.

And I am stuck.

Do I:

A. Keep this length, keep it growing, and LEARN TO DO SOMETHING WITH IT? Add some color? Keep it out of ponytails? Force more time in my day to "do" it? But run the risk of settling back into The Ponytailed Frump Girl eventually?

B. Just CUT IT ALREADY, go back to the style that worked best for me, felt most like "me", and let the future take care of itself? But know that even in this "cute short style", I had bad hair days and wished for ponytails?

So here's the excessive part. I decided to go back and take an HONEST look at my hair journey since getting engaged to Joe--- all the way back in 2004. Almost EIGHT YEARS!! My hair has been long, been short, been colored, been streaked, been cute, been AWFUL, been curly, been straightened.... ALL of it. And in each incarnation, there have been FABULOUS hair days..... and AWFUL hair days. Usually, I'm the self-editor who keeps the icky pics away from the public eye-- I am my best PR agent, you know? But to really get to the heart of this, I had to look at it all-- the good, the bad, and the downright UGLY. 

And then I compiled it all here. 
Eight years.

Is ANYONE gonna even want to see eight years of me me me? Me? Me? 

Gross. Self-absorbed. (So I like having my photo taken. Is that a crime?)

But kind of an interesting train wreck to not tear your eyes away from. 
(See Me Gain Weight Before Your Very Eyes! See Bad Hair Days By the Dozen! See Emily Vamp For the Camera Like She Always Does! Vanity at Its Peak! 
Come One, Come All!!)

And honestly, if anyone has some advice on what I need to do next, I am READY TO LISTEN. Because I fear this Season of Frump may kill me, especially since February is coming, and wintery, dreary February is ALREADY a rough month for my spirits.

So now, the Epic Hair Tale, in Photographs.

(*you are welcome to stop now and move on to your next blog reading. This is obnoxious.

** if you are a part of my life, you MIGHT show up in a photograph or two. Apologies!! And extra apologies if you DON'T show up. It's likely that you don't even really LIKE getting your photo taken, so you avoided my camera lots. I still love you.

*** Joe, you're in here lots. I don't know how you put up with me.)

1. Engagement Season: Behold, the glorious (left) curls of Spring/Summer 2004. Aaaand the less-cute version of the same hair (right) when faced with a wilderness trek through Yellowstone:

2. And then the Wedding/Honeymoon hair. Also a Good/Bad comparison.Photobucket

3. Skipping ahead to 2006. I dabbled in glasses. But after the first couple of months, I forgot about them. My prescription was mild enough to get away with this. I still have those glasses. Hm. Far left= Cute. Second to left= AWFUL. Two on the right: ponytail city. Photobucket

4. Europe Hair--I didn't take my blow dryer, curlers, straightener.... it was ALL NATURAL on this trip. And mostly in a ponytail or french twist. Photobucket

5. Fall 2006--- it's either all hot-rollered and cute, or in a ponytail. Story of my long-haired life. Photobucket

6. So it got long. And then I colored it red. And then...... I cut it. It was yucky and in a ponytail most of the time anyway, right? Sure, the long hair was pretty, WHEN I DID IT. But even without kids to take up all my time, the "doing my hair" ritual was more infrequent than it should have been. Photobucket

7. Fall 2006- I liked it short. A lot. Felt free. Felt like "me". Even the shorter ponytail (or ponytails) it ended up in when it grew a few inches still felt spunky. Photobucket

8. Winter/Spring 2007-- Growing back out... Good days. Bad days. Please note: ALL the good days were the result of actual effort. Reminder: These days, Actual Effort is impossible for me. Conclusion: Good Hair Days are probably never gonna happen if my hair stays long or even longish. Photobucket

9. 2007, Late Spring: New cut, some fun color... And some not-great hair days, still. Also, what an awful "baby bump" photo (second from right, if you cannot discern)!! Every aspect of it. YUCK. Photobucket

10. Summer 2007: ponytails, pink streaks for my 30th birthday, and some crazy hair on both Joe AND I. We BOTH needed to tame those manes! Photobucket

11. More summer 2007: straight hair/curly hair, the pink streaks still there...Some cute days, but also some bad days. Photobucket

12. 2007 Fall- The hair is getting long again.... But I didn't have that baby yet, so I had TIME to use my straightener... my hot rollers. Gosh, I KIND OF remember those days. !!Photobucket

13. 2007 All curled up for a maternity session, then all natural for another session. Photobucket

14. Then on to motherhood. Early 2008: Trying to live with the natural curls more... since hot showers and luxurious Me Time were things of the past.Photobucket

15. summer 2008. I REMEMBER straightening my hair in the photo on the left. It was a family reunion and I wanted to be CUTE. I worked at it that day. And then, the photo on the right was like a week later, in Utah... and Noah had been the WORST sleeper during our trip. And I had given up on "cute". And the hair showed it. (those STREAKS. Yikes!) But being a mom has also ushered in the era of "Look at the cute babies! Pay no attention to the lady behind them!" Thank goodness. Photobucket

16. Late Summer/Fall 2008: ponytails, lots of "natural curl" ( I DON'T like most of those), and an occasional good day. Also, a haircut happened in this time stretch. Photobucket Photobucket

17. Christmas 2008: Took time to straighten it (left), as opposed to the bedhead of Christmas morning. (Aww! Look at Sleepy Noah!)

18. Early 2009: pre haircut, post-haircut. This is the Big Cut--- the shortest I've been since I was 19 years old. I LOVED it.Photobucket

19. Spring 2009: and even though I loved this cut, it still had it's "bad hair days"...But slap a flower in it, and it was insta-cute again! Thus, the Flower-Head Era began. Many of you guys started knowing me 'round this time.  Photobucket

20. Summer 2009- more of the same...Photobucket

21. 2009 Fall. This trim was a bit TOO short... but it grew into itself in a few weeks. Photobucket

22. Christmas 2009/Early 2010- Even with the "easy cut", sometimes a bandanna was even easier. I am the QUEEN of doing as little as possible. I think that is going to be the problem whatever I decide to do. My fault. Photobucket

23. 2010, summer/fall: So, I'd had the short cut for 1.5 years. I loved it. But then it started growing. And I got to a point where it would fit into two ponytails. In fact, it looked BETTER in two ponytails than down. So I began wearing it this way all the time. And lo and behold, a new version of the "me cut" was born. I LOVED this look. Even if I was over 30 years old. Photobucket

24. 2010 Christmas/2011 Winter-- On the left is NOT in ponies. Then on the right, back in ponytails. You KNOW the ponies were cuter. Photobucket

25. Spring 2011: Lucy was coming due. I decided to keep the length in my hair so that I could avoid the insane "bedhead" that happened during my hospital stay with Noah. the ponytails were working for me. So I kept them. Photobucket

26. 2011 Summer, Fall-- since then, the hair has been growing. And I have been trying different things to make it work. I even pulled out the ol' straightener for family photos (it hadn't been used in two years!!)Photobucket

27. And NOW: Photobucket 
Here we are. I am in crisis. 

(Anyone still reading? Haha!)

I am at a crossroads. I am ready for SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Pink streaks again? 


Short cut again? 

Keep growing it out til it can go into two boho braids every day?

Keep the ponytail and accept my fate?


How much longer could I have gotten away with flowers in my hair anyway??

Remember, when preparing to offer your advice:

1. I NEVER have time to DO my hair. That means even a 10 minute this-or-that is TEN MINUTES TOO LONG. So even if evidence in the above gallery suggests that I can have some great hair if I TRY, I promise you, the "trying" will not happen much. Which sucks. But is a fact right now. I proved it again today. I let my hair dry curly-- and it was curling really pretty. I even put it up only halfway for most of the day. Pretty. But by the time post-lunch rolled around, it was limp. Getting in my way. Shedding hairs into Lucy's fists. And so, up into a ponytail it went. I TRIED. I REALLY TRIED today. But I seem doomed to being unglamorous for the rest of my days.

Oh well. 
Wasn't that fun?

At least it was epic.


  1. As a curly haired girl, I need to ask what product do you use? I use and swear by Aveda's be curly--it's curl gel and anti-fritz all in one. It helps my curl hang around all day. I liked your flower look! Perhaps cut it short in the back to capitalize on the curl and leave a bit more length in the front?

  2. ahhh, what a universal female struggle! At least most of us aren't faced with losing hair...
    Thoughts off the top:
    1. If you keep it short, I think keeping it curly/wavy (rather than straightening) is the most flattering. that also means that it's *not* the same every day since curls are so unpredictable. I will say that the flower thing is, for me, what makes it look the same...i know that doesn't make sense, since you use different flowers...maybe because those flowers are such a bold statement. But I know I'm in the minority for not being a fan.
    2. However, keeping it short means you'll always be sassy and cute, rather than a beauty. Either way is fab, but I think having a little length gives you options there. Your bold features ensure that your face will always command the most attention anyway.
    3. Even when you do go into ponytail mode, you do tend to cute that up a bit through bandannas, etc. and, as I think you know, two little squirts of ponies don't look frumpy the same way a single pony does.
    4. I don't remember that french twist europe look so pretty! Really elegant with your hair completely up, which as a fellow hair-in-my-face hater, I know I'd take advantage of. And you can always make that sleek or messy according to how much time you have.
    5. The mental picture I got of you in two boho braids made me squeal a little. You could sooooo pull that off!

  3. My favey fave pic of you in that montage is the one where your hair is long enough for ponytail with a chic scarf/headband on with it! Soooo cute, flattering, boho, chic... It's you, baby. I say go on and grow on!

  4. I never know what to do with my hair- I'm a pretty boring hair person. Pony tails are pretty much my lot in life, especially at work, where I can't wear it down. I feel your struggles, Em. I think Genny already offered all the best sound advice, so Ima say go with her thoughts on this. But remember, no matter what hair you go with, you'll still be an awesome mama and a great sister!

    Love you!

  5. I found myself just a couple of weeks ago (christmas eve to be exact) feeling the exact way you do now. I do, do my hair but post baby hair was starting to grow back and not very nicely. I woke up that morning, went to do my hair and freaked. Really, I did. So, I went and got a cut (nothing dramatic but did add some thick bangs) and then colored my hair that night. WOW, what a difference...and not so much on the way I looked as much as the way I felt. I felt fresh, alive, different, and me. I hadn't dyed my hair in 6.5 years. Oooh, it felt good. So, in my long ramblings my point is that it doesn't have to be drastic, maybe just a dye and see how it makes you feel, then if you need something more, do it-like a trim or a new shape to your hair. You're beautiful whether your hair is in ponies or not-i think you pull it all off great...just do something that will make you feel good, even if it's small.

    Oh, do you put anything in your hair when you wear it curly...mouse, gel, hairspray-that will make a HUGE difference. I am a mouse and hairspray combo girl myself-it doesn't stay perfect but at least it gives me some hours of feeling good and like I did something to make me feel put together that day...I like the curly, even the messy curly!

    Good luck! Hope you find what works for you!

  6. You are getting a varying degree of comments here, and it makes me laugh because it doesn't bode well for making a decision! LOL

    1. You can ROCK short hair -- not many people can say/do that,so you totally have that going for you.

    2. While you do look gorgeous with long hair, the short hair screams more "Em" to me...and maybe that is because I've only really known you with short hair, but long hair feels 'immature' to me, if that makes any sense.

    3. Product. You need to invest in good product, it will make a WORLD of difference. Experiment with different ones until you find the right ones. I RARELY blow dry or style my hair, but with the right pre-products, it dries with a nice bit of wave to it and doesn't look (too) frumpy.

    verdict - I vote for short(ER). A length where you can pull back if necessary but long enough to complement your curls (LUCKY BY THE WAY).

    And find a hair stylist who will read this entire post when you go to get it cut. Seriously. You'll know they are a winner and a keeper if they make it all the way through!

    And, if worse comes to worse, it is JUST HAIR and it WILL GROW BACK. 9 times out of 10 a new hair cut or even a trim will make you feel like a new woman -- so just go do SOMETHING and it might surprise you and re-energize you into making a few small changes...

    And don't say you CAN'T do it, because you CAN. You really truly CAN. It takes 5-10 mins!!! That's all! You CAN do it, and you will feeel so much better for doing it! It's like makeup -- you don't want to put it on, but a quick coat of masacara always makes me look and feel like a new woman.

    enough of my novel. I am as bad as you! :)

  7. I think you are a short haired girl at heart. In general I am not a huge fan of super short cuts, but you really do pull it off REALLY well. :) I also say this, because my own hair is longer than it looks best for me, and in my heart I know I look better with shorter hair, but I am unwilling to cut it off yet. So I do a lot of the ponytail thing, too!.

    From your photos, I like the slight curls from #16, the B&W of you and Joe middle row, right photo. Good length and really nice style. It looks like you put effort into that one, though, which I think you don't want to do. :)

    I do not like the straight version of #17 - you are a curly girl, not a straight girl. :)

    I also like the look of the flower phase, but wonder how that look will age on you over the years. You rock the flower now, but how long can you do that? Can you wear flowers like that when you are 40? (I couldn't wear a flower like that now at 37, so what do I know, lol).

    So I say shortish to short, and find a good product that will hold the curl all through the day.

    Molly from 2Peas :)

  8. PS - I think it's great that you have so many photos of yourself!!! I need more of me!!

  9. Emily, the thing I'm struck by most is that you need to give yourself 5-10 minutes a day to make yourself feel good about you -- to make yourself feel pretty, or at least presentable. Being a mama doesn't mean that you can't have something for yourself. I'm not talking an hour of luxurious getting ready -- I'm saying a few minutes of making yourself feel good.

    PRODUCT. Get some nice product for curly hair and try it for a few days -- see what you think.

    And, you can rock a variety of styles -- which is AWESOME. Grow it a bit, and see if you can find something great to do with the curls -- if not, cut it. :) But, give yourself the chance to feel good about you. :)

  10. As a fellow curly girl, I feel your pain. A couple of things that might help in terms of keeping your curls nice - low or no poo. There is book called Curly Girl that you can read. It talks about how to best take care of curly hair. When I use shampoo (which I only do 1 time a week) my hair relaxes after the first hour and looks bad and too soft. It doesn't hold the curl. So, I now use very little shampoo and just rinse and condition most of the week. My stylist uses a low-poo shampoo which is better but too expensive for me. My next step is to try just using baking soda. It is supposed to clean without the detergent and make it so you don't really need conditioner. I'll keep you posted on results. I know the idea of no poo grosses people some people out. I couldn't go completely no poo - it just didn't work for my scalp.

    Also, my hair holds a curl much better if it is air dried, particularly over night. And I never brush or pick it out, just finger it into place. I think if you can get your curls into a place where they are looking nice regularly, then you won't have to spend a lot of time on hair. Although I agree with comments that you should have time for it as a part of taking care of you, I know it isn't always possible.

    I don't think you have to worry about being the I've-had-the-same hair-for-40-years person. It just isn't you, so I think you can let go of that fear. :)

  11. I am so right there with you! Except my hair is getting long. Having a baby I totally understand the time/ drive issue when it comes to hair. Personally I think you should do it short again. With the right hair accessories its perfect. Much easier and its never really "in your face"

    -Jessica Howard

  12. I am not a fan of the short with flower look (on anybody not just you)
    I like your hair longer, i think it suits your face/body. If I were you i would keep growing it out and do ponitails. I actually like them or messy buns. Those take 30 seconds and people think you spent forever on your hair.

  13. well, I think you pull off the short, curly hair REALLY well. You ARE spunky & cute! Maybe go to a trusted hair dresser and find some really good products that work and then learn how to use a diffuser on your blow dryer. I have naturaly curly hair too and a diffuser makes a WORLD of a difference when I wear my hair curly. To me, it sounds like you already know what you want... so go with it! It's you!!!! :o)

  14. I was always been envious of your curls . . . and think you should grow for a while at least . . . you can always donate the luciousness to get back to short and spunky later! The pigtails and bandana look works so well for you - I can only imagine how adorable you would be a couple inches longer in braids (one of my personal fav dos)

  15. Girl, we're in the same boat! I have a 6 month-old and a two-year-old and no time to fuss over hair. I'm not a fan of hair in my face either and wear a ponytail every day too (plus, it's still falling out post-baby). Sooo..

    I agree with others, that finding a good curl product will do wonders. Plus, finding the right stylist who can cut curly hair is also important. Bouffant Daddy in Maplewood is awesome and they specialize in cutting curly hair!

    I think your hair looks super cute in the two ponies and flower. My opinion is color it (amazing how good it will feel) and keep it short-ish (but that's based on the pics, as I've only ever met you in person once - but I do remember thinking your hair was really cute pulled back with a yellow headband).
    Good luck!

  16. I have only known you since you have had short hair so I may not be the best judge. Here are my thoughts (keep in mind this is coming from me, who has worn my hair in a messy-bun for the last 3 years now.) If it were me, I would surrender to the fact that I am lazy and unmotivated to do my hair (oh wait that is me.) Do what is easiest for your to take care of at this time and what makes you feel beautiful. Who cares if you have the same hairstyle for several years, or decades. I figure I will keep the same similar hair cut for my childbearing years and once they are a little older and I have more time (and hopefully motivation) I will change my hair cut then. Why make your life more stressful now? Everyone who has ever had a kid understands and should not be judging you for having easy hair or the same hair style. I think your hair short is way cute, and it always looks cute to me. It fits your personality with all the cute flowers, bandanas and accessories if you ask me. I have always loved your hair and wished my hair would look that cute if I cut it that short. Good luck!

  17. From all of the things that you said about your hair, the thing that really strikes me is that you said multiple times that you LOVED it short. It was easy, you loved the way it looked, and your only negative is that you fear you'll be the gal with the same haircut for 10 years. So what? If you are happy with it that way, then do it! In my mind, if you have long hair but always stick it in a ponytail, then you are really just giving yourself short hair anyway.

    One thing I did think of is if you are kind of enjoying it long but don't have time to do it every day, do you have time to do it every three days? I have coarse, sort of wavy hair that has to be straightened to look nice, which is labor intensive, because it also takes a long time to dry. HOWEVER, my world got a lot easier when my stylist recommended only doing it every 3 days...with it straight I can sleep on it and still have it look good. A shower cap is easy enough to find, and on the 3rd day if it isn't great, I just put on a cute hat (which I bet you can totally do too with your penchant for cute hair accessories.) This actually works better the longer your hair is because it takes it longer to get dirty.
    My last bit of advice echoes what someone else said--find a stylist who will read what you wrote...who will be honest about what will and won't work with you hair and it's texture, and who will give you a great cut that will word for the time you are willing to devote to it.

    In any case, good luck and I think you are soo pretty, spunky and fun regardless! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  18. I didn't read all of the comments so I don't know if this has already been said....but you should totally keep growing it out and try the whole "ballerina bun" type of look. You know, high bun pulled back up and high on your head, with no part, just straight back. It requires your hair to be fairly long, but I love this style lately. ( kinda the messy, Jcrew type of look, you know?) I personally love up do's and messy high buns and wispies and pony tails. And it might be something fun and different you've never tried before? ( I don't remember seeing a high bun in your pics?)

    I honestly never do my hair down. Well, rarely. I just stick it in a bun or ponytail and call it good. I wish I had time to do it down everyday, but like you, I just can't stand it in my face!

    I do love your hair short. And I LOVE your curls. I think you're adorable any hairstyle so just go with what makes you feel good.

    I have stick straight hair and wanted a change one year in I permed my long hair! I had no idea how to make curly hair look cute, and it never really worked for me, so I always pulled up my long tight curls into a high bun and pulled out a few hairs here and there in the bun to make a messy bun type of look. I like pulling out a few curls around the face and forehead, too.


  19. p.s. I think there is nothing quicker than a ballerina bun. I spend like 10 seconds on my hair. ha ha. I put it up wet even straight out of the shower if I don't have time to dry it, and that's my go-to look. Super fast and easy.

  20. Lots of long comments and an incredibly long post with an incredibly obvious answer that was clear from the start of the post: go back to the short curly do with the flowers. Short is still in. Flowers and headbands are still in. You feel like YOU with it. It is EASY. It is spunky, not frumpy. Why are you even waffling on this? Go back to being YOU, my friend! Embrace your distinctive Emily "do." I have been ponytail girl since I left HS, but I'm comfortable with that b/c I have accepted that I am the girl with great hair one day a week. I cut it short to make things easier, but I didn't feel like myself and needed to grow it back. You are a short hair girl. Chop it off, and if you need to dye, get a Clairol Perfect 10 box of dark brown and go back to being you!

  21. 1. not boring.
    2. fun to see you over all these years.
    3. I like it best about 1" below your chin.
    4.I think you should sport the double pony tails every day and be proud. Not everyone can pull of the coolest hairstyle ever as well as you can. Maybe for church just do the flip out. I love this cut with your headbands too.
    Girl, you are not frump. And I think having the same haircut your whole life just says you know yourself and what you like. Stick with it. It's cool and beautiful.
    Love you!

  22. I could be way off base here, but do think this is really about hair? I was struck by how many times you stressed that you have NO time to do your hair. It also seemed like your favorite hair time was back when I knew you, when you were carefree Bambi having fun going to school and figuring out who YOU were.

    I guess this strikes me because, even as a mama of five (soon, six), the first things I do every morning are shower, do my makeup, and dry/straighten my longish, also naturally curly hair. I take that time for me and let my kids entertain themselves/start school work/watch TV/whatever it takes. And I don't feel guilty about it because I deserve the time it takes to take care of myself every morning, too.

    The funny thing is that every time my husband and I kind of marvel at how many kids we have and all of the things we take them to do, one of us invariably says, "Do you remember how much harder it seemed when we only had two kids?" TWO. Always two. Not how much harder it was with one or three. Just two. There is something about that number that seems to throw people off kilter (I've talked to plenty of other moms who felt the same way). There is a weird adjustment with two. I think it is because you haven't been through the process of letting one "grow up" yet and are also trying to deal with one that really does need you most of the time and you just have to learn to let go and let them do and be for themselves. Or something like that. All I know is that when I first had two I had NO TIME to do hair and makeup or even shower every day. But with five? No problem.

    Your hair is cute in all of the stages. Pick whatever makes you feel best and don't worry about whatever anyone else thinks (except, maybe, Joe). But pick something with the thought that you'll give yourself the time to do what you want with it--even if it is just on days that you'll leave the house.

  23. Naturally curly and down is my favorite, but since that probably isn't going to work out for you, I vote for two short ponytails (no bandanas though, I don't dig the bandanas).

  24. I gotta say, Em, your bad hair days look pretty good to me. :)

    You won't be in this phase forever but right now, with little kids, ponytails are just smart. Make it a length that you like IF you have time to do it. And for other days, do ponies, hats, headbands, etc. I like them all and think you pull them off.

  25. I have a wonderful go to site. Long Hair Community. There's about a million things to do with long hair. One of my faves is the sock bun. You tube that! Super quick and it gives the illusion that you took 45 minutes none of us have to do your hair. Trust me it's AMAZING! I get compliments on it all the time. My other fave for long hair that babies love to grab is pig tail braids. Mine are just now getting long enough to swing from around my shoulders. Slap a bandana on that and go grocery shopping. Again. Effort is implied if you make it look all messy chic. I don't ever plan on cutting my hair ever. SO I have spent countless hours finding do's that are 5 minutes or less with 2 kids under the age of 3.

  26. Oooh, I do love the short! I usually like what I can't pull off myself though (crooked face, watcha gonna do?) If you need a good hair laugh, I'll send a pic of my current hair line. Crazy, CRAZY new hair--always happens after I lose about a third of it after having a baby :)


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