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Thursday, February 10

How To Make A T-Shirt Fabric Flower: Tutorial Time!

For my birthday two summers ago, I got a lovely little gift card to Anthropologie, and treated myself to two hair clips that looked like these:

They were a bit pricey, as Anthro stuff tends to be-- $15 apiece, and after months of wearing them and pondering them and KNOWING I could make them myself somehow, I finally took some time to actually dissect the flower (not LITERALLY, but close! I poked and prodded that thing until I was SURE it'd fall apart!), and I came up with a reasonably similar version.

This tutorial is going to share that process with you, so you can make a flower that looks like THIS:
Pretty close, right? Cute!

T-Shirt Fabric Flower Supply List
1/4 + yard of t-shirt fabric, also called cotton knit interlocking
paper to make a template
straight pins
felt in a matching or complimentary color
glue (I use either Tacky Glue or hot glue)
hair accessory to complete the flower (headband, clip, pin)


So to begin, you will need a little bit of t-shirt fabric. You can use an old t-shirt you actually have, or you can go to the fabric store and get some cotton knit interlocking (the official name of this fabric). Ask your friendly fabric store employee for help if you're a fabric store rookie. You can get by with 1/4 yard if you only want to try this out with one or two flowers. Or you can get more if you are feeling ambitious and want to make several. 

You'll also need some felt and some kind of hair clip, pin, headband, etc. 

Step One: 
Make a flower template. This doesn't have to be super precise, but is should have 5-6 petals. You can see I just used scrap paper. My flower is approx. 3"-3.5" across.

(P.S. Ew, gross-- forgive my dingy college-era mini-ironing board that is the backdrop for these photos. It is old and not-so-pretty. I apologize!)

Step Two:
Cut a stack of these flowers. Some of you might want to trace the template... But I am lazy and HATE pen lines, so I just stacked my fabric two layers deep and cut around the template while it was pinned. You need nine total flowers, though this stack shows 11 (can't have too many extras, right??).



Step Three:
Cut a felt circle in a coordinating or complimentary color, about 2.5" or 3" across.

Take your first flower and fold it in half.

And then in half again.

Do this with your first four petals, and arrange them so their corners all meet in the center of the felt circle.

Step Four:
You can do the assembling in one of three ways. I've done all three, and truly have no preference. You can use:
1. Tacky Glue
2. Hot glue gun
3. Thread

In this tutorial, you'll see both glue techniques.

Glue the petals onto the felt. Then glue the folded flap to itself. (This pic shows Tacky Glue).

Step Five:
Now fold four more petals the same way, and glue them in a second layer, but semi-perpendicular to the first layer. Okay, too hard to explain, let me show you. (This pic shows glue gun glue). Add all four petals onto the layer this way, and once again glue the top flap of the folded petal to itself.

Step Six:
Fluff up your two-layered flower to begin seeing what the final product will look like.


See the sides? Lots of fun texture from the multiple folds and layers!

Step Seven:
Now for the center. Take a petal and fold it in half. This time, instead of folding it again, you are going to roll it into a sort of cone, with the fold being the narrow part of the cone and the petals being the wide part:

You're making a rosebud type of effect, shown here:

Step Eight:
I actually trimmed about 1/2" off of the bottom of this rosebud cone, but you don't have to. You then GOB it with glue (perhaps hot glue is best here, or thread. Tacky Glue might not hold this last petal well enough for you to wait for it to dry)... And place the rosebud, bottom tip down, into the center of your flower.
(I'm mushing it down in there pretty hard, if you can't tell.)

Step Nine:
We need to fluff up this flower in a more permanent way now, otherwise you'll have two flat layers and a sticking-up rosebud. So we are going to attach parts of the top layer of petals to the rosebud, to bring up the petals to the same level as the rosebud. Like this:

Glue dots in place:

Petals now attached to rosebud:

Step Ten:
If you want, you can do this gluing petals to each other thing in other places to bring more body to the flower, or you can call it good just the way it is.

If you are ready to finish, you just need to attach your preferred hair accessory to the felt circle on the back.

Headband: If you want this to go on a headband, cut another felt circle and use a glue gun to glue the flower on top of the headband. Ring the second felt circle with glue and attach it to the first felt circle, with the headband sandwiched between. Don't be skimpy with the glue!

Hair Clip: Sew or glue your clip onto the flower back, centered on your felt circle.

Pin: Sew the pin onto the back, centered on your felt circle.


And VOILA! You have your own Anthropologie-style T-Shirt Fabric Flower! The fabric won't fray, and the color will stay fresh, and you'll be hip and ready to go!


Ta da!


To enjoy my other flower tutorial,  the handmade singed fabric flowers, click HERE. Remember, if you get crafty and make some of these, blog it and let me know via comment or email. Also, you can email me a photo of your flowers and I'll blog about you in a future post and link to your blog if you like! Fun, right?


Jessica Sullivan said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm getting bored with making bows for my daughter's hair. Flowers are perfect for the coming spring!

dawn said...

Love it! Can't wait to make some.

Kari said...

LOVE it! I actually have a bunch of that fabric laying around.

Maxmomma said...

I'm so excited to try it and make one! I have adored the singed flowers you made a tutorial for... they've become a hit in our ward here. :) THANK YOU!

Cherron said...

gorgeous. I am going to try this tonight or tomorrow.

Krista P said...

Love it - thanks for sharing.

*jess* said...

totally making some! yay! THANKS!!!

Stephanie said...

Great tutorial. Love the flowers. Am gonna make some. Tonight maybe. Yes. Tonight. Thanks!

alex twigg said...

This is awesome! I am for sure going to try this, thank you so much for this tutorial!


Fi said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna see if this works with felt!

Cearley's Crazy Crew said...

Oh you are a SMART cookie!!! We made these the other day at a baby shower, but they only had us do the first two layers and put a jewel in the middle. I thought it was a cute idea, but did not love it. I kept trying to fluff it up and it just wouldn't stay. I wasn't happy with the look of the jewel in the middle. I just ran accross this tutorial and it's perfect!!!! It's exactly what I would have wanted it to look like. I just made some adorable skirts for my little girl and am going to make matching hair flowers with the left over fabric with your instructions. THANKS for the inspiration!!!!!

the lobster said...

I used two different fabrics, one was printed and one was solid and I alternated the colors. I used 100% cotton fabric (instead of tshirt fabric) and they still turned out great. Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial- it was super easy to follow!

* Taci * said...

This is perfect !! JUST what I was lookin for!! Thanks :)
Following, now too

kantuta said...

Hola emily
Esta flor esta lindisima como todos tus trabajos realizados con tanta delicadeza y encanto, voy a poner en practica, gracias por el paso a paso saludos

aunt millie said...

thanks so much for taking the time to share how to make these! i know i will make lots of these and embellish all kinds of stuff! thanks again!

juana maria said...

Beautiful!! Thanks from Spain.

Theresa @ Just Call Me "T" said...

Found you through Di (The Girl Creative)... love this tut! And now a follower. :D


Camille said...

This is totally awesome and I will be trying this soon!

amy & lisa said...

I just made one of these following your tutorial! Thank you for sharing.....I LOVE it! :) I'm off to make some more.

Melissa - LaLaBliss.blogspot.com said...

Hey there. I used your tutorial and linked to you. Thanks!

Anya said...

Thanks for an easy-to-follow tutorial! I will try to make these for one of my craft project.

KnittingLizzie said...

So I combined this pattern with the melted edge technique using polyester farbric and made it into a hair pin for a friend. The result was a large, romantic flower! Thanks!!!

Rhandi said...

Fantastic tutorial. I have made these before but starting and ending in a different way and your flower look better and fuller then mine. I am excited to make more! Have you tried making them with other material? Thanks!

Siesie said...

Wonderful tutorial! It was just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Penelope said...

I am totally going to try this!!! Thanks for the great pics and details.

Abbi said...

I love this! I am on a fabric flower making kick right now so I think I shall give this a try!

Andrea said...

Love it! You write great tutorials, very easy to follow!


Rosie said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I used it to make one of my mum's Christmas presents. I have linked to your site in the post. I would love it if you would pass on what I have done with it.



Helen said...

Just been directed here by someone who made one of these and I wanted to say that I love your tutorial and will definitely be having a go - many thanks for posting!

McMama said...

I've made these before but the extra gluing that you show and the little rosebud shape are genius!!! I'll have to try them your way!!

Your newest follower!!

Lynn said...

I made one of these last night and it turned out SO cute! I also did one of the others. Friends were asking how I did it, and I thought about just letting them think I'm a genius and not telling, but then I thought better of it and posted in my blog how to get to your blog. I posted a couple of pictures of my first attempts. Thanks for the help!

Robyn said...

found you through pinterest, and so glad I did. I bought some mustard tshirt fabric and it's gorgeous for these little flowers! I hot-glued each flower on a pin & added them as a gift wrapping embellisment that can double as a pin for my girl friends winter coats once their presents are opened! :) Thanks for the great tutorial.

Mommy Mentor said...

I found these on Pinterest and was SO hoping you were selling some! They are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

I had to comment again because these have been my little Christmas miracle. I just whipped up 5 of these in bright fun colors for my daughter to give to her besties as presents.
Also, I wanted to share that I made one tonight using tulle and it turned out FABULOUS! The trick is that you have to use hot glue, be ready to burn your fingers, and do 4 layers instead of 2. The middle piece doesn't really look right so I used a round rhinestone. Because of the 4 layers it fluffs itself beautifully. My daughter flipped out.

Samantha Angela said...

That's an awesome idea!!

daLiLa said...

that was cool!! love it so much..will try it..thanx for d tutorial..

ajc2013official said...

Hey, just wanted to thank you SO SO much! I pinned this on Piterest some time ago and just got around to making it tonight (It's actually the first thing I've re-purposed out of something I had been meaning to get rid of, so for that an even bigger thanks for making my first exploration into the crafty world a good one!) but I made it, even made it a little bigger, and I love it!! I've always loved having flowers in my hair, but recently it has seemed to become a trend, therefore very expensive, even at less expensive stores than Anthropologie! So thank you for your exploration into the flowers you bought, for the bettering of all the rest of us!

Much Appreciation,

jonnie515 said...

I think even I can do these and will look so darn impressive! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial.

Corrinne Heading said...

Very easy with lots of impact. I used your tutorial for embellishment on a wreath I made and referenced your blog here: http://www.cocoandmango.blogspot.com/2012/01/bake-and-make-continues.html

vlewis said...

Your Tut was very well written and SUPER easy to follow. I discovered you through pinterest. I am going to expereiment with this and singed or glitter edgges for an accessory for a formal event. LOVE it, thanks for sharing!!

Lisa said...

Just saw this today and made it tonight. I attached it to a headband. My daughter wanted to sleep in it, she just loves it. Wait....wasn't this supposed to be for ME? Hmm...may have to steal it from her.

onthegojo said...

I can't wait to try. I just bought these from a friend for $15.00 a piece... Thank you so much for sharing!

Jessica Rowe said...

I'm so happy to have found you on Pinterest! I'm not fond of hair bows and have been looking for different ways to make fabric flowers... this I will be trying tomorrow! And thank you for taking the time to share with us!

Blue Star Vermont said...

I found you on Pinterest & am spreading word of you there. Thank you so much for this clear tutorial made delightful through your wonderful photography! You are so good to share your great idea with others.Now as soon as I can pause from making aprons, I want to play with making your flowers.

Holly said...

Love this tutorial. Found you via Skip to my Lou and can't wait to try out this flower tutorial. Thanks for the great instructions and ideas.

Lindsay said...

Saw this on Skip To My Lou, and I just had to stop by. I LOVE this! I have pinned this as well! Thanks for sharing!

Teresa said...

Thank you!! I'm so excited to try this. I have girls (and a boy) and can envision matching hair!

Can you add a "follow by email" to your blog? I'm such a loser with RSS feeds/reader. (or maybe you do have that? I'm on my iPad...). I'll have to check back when I get to the computer & beg you if you don't have it;-) It's a little gadget you can add from bloggers included gadget options.

Amy said...

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dontmuenchenit said...

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seniorpal said...

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CPR~certified said...

Found in pinterest earlier this week. Made my first one today! Love it! Can't wait to make more for my daughter's hair!!!!! Yay!

Lindley said...

This is such a cute idea! Perfect for a little kids birthday party. I blog for a realtor and her clients are always looking for fun birthday ideas! awesome!

Dariela said...

Beautiful! I love it! Thanks for the tutorial, I think I'll make some!

Yvette said...

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I linked to this on my blog's tutorial page. This is such a versatile pattern. I've used it in so many different ways!


Helen Gullett said...

Hi Emily, thank you for the tutorial. I made one today and will make more :)

The Bodkins said...

HI!!! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have tried it and made some wonderful little flowers. I posted it on my blog and send a link back here!! Please Follow our blog as we document our journey as a young couple On Our Way to Hollywood! http://the-bodkins.blogspot.com/


Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

This is wonderful!! I'm going to share it on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page--I can't wait to make some!

Jolynn's Hobby Shop said...

I loved these flowers and featured it on blog following this tutorial and made my own version
here http://www.jolynnshobbyshop.blogspot.com/2012/05/my-version-of-fabric-flowers.html

Valerie said...

Great tutorial! I made a handful of these for Mother's Day out of my daughter's outgrown clothes. For thinner fabrics, I added another layer of "petals" for a nice, full flower. I think I'll make some for her teachers as well. Thank you!

Ruth E. said...

Looks like a super cool project!

Audrey said...

I just whipped three of these up for my son's teachers as a practice run for my mother-in-laws for mother's day. This was so easy. Thank you!

Erin said...

I am making these to embellish my daughter's dollar store flip flops. So cute! I just glue them on and then glue another piece of felt under and around the toe piece of the flip flop. Great tutorial! Thanks!

Marcy said...

Awesome Tutorial. Thank you!

Candie@Craftbaby.com said...

Awesome! This tutorial is very descriptive and I love that it will make it easy- thanks! i'll try on my next pillow project! Thanks for the tutorial! :) http://www.craftbaby.com

shamraiz said...

It worked out GREAT...I love it.
No problem with the pattern at all. It was easy to understand.i want to Send Flowers Pakistan to my elder brother and he loves this kind of stuff.

Amy Alex said...

shamraiz send some flowers to my friend Hank Hendricks i m sure he gonna love your flowers.

Whitney Adams said...

Omg Emily! I am getting married in three months and I am trying to be as sustainable as possible in the planning - so I didn't want real flowers at the event! This is a GORGEOUS and incredibly simple alternative! I literally threw one of these together out of an old t-shirt in less than 45 minutes to see how I liked it, and they are happening! I also enlisted the help of my crafty bridesmaid ;) Thanks so much for posting these and the other fabric flowers! Beautiful!

Michael Scott said...

Great tutorial. Love the flowers. Am gonna make some. Tonight maybe. Yes. Tonight. Thanks!
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haphazardhues said...

Used your site and another to make my own: http://haphazardhues.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/fabric-rose-hair-bow-tutorial/

Thanks for the tips!

zafiro80 said...

Thank you for the tutorial.. it's lovely..after i looked at the pictures and scanned the article i noticed an apology for the ironing board..honestly i never noticed it until u mentioned it after i carefully read your post...your ironing board is just fine and you should never have to apologize for an apparatus that is a workhorse in your household..that while not "trendy," works for your purposes. I never understood the zebra print ironing board covers anyways. Mine is a dingy plaid.

Nueyer Dua said...

Great tutorial with easy to follow steps!

Cavatine said...

Merci pour ce Tuto!
Bizettes de France!

Bonny Yokeley said...

I am putting together a list of great ways to make items out of old t-shirts, and I'd love to include your cute tutorial. I can include a link without a photo, but I think more people would check out your tutorial if they saw a picture. Would you mind if I used a photo?

Dalila dalila said...

hye..im from malaysia..here are my post about the flower corsage that i made..


Bonny Yokeley said...

I just wanted you to know I featured your t-shirt to flower tutorial on my recent post about 10 ten ways to re-purpose t-shirts: http://thedomesticatedprincess.blogspot.com/2012/10/from-t-shirt-to-treasure-part-1.html.

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Frances Kendrick said...

LOVE, LOVE the flowers! And you make it look so easy! Thank you for sharing!!

@ www.notionsfromnonny.com

Laura Williams said...

This was such an easy tutorial to follow. My flower turned out darling - I diecut my flower shape on the Big Shot. Easy peasy! I'll send you a link when I blog it! :) thanks a bunch!

Bridget said...

Hi there, I love your blog and ideas! I've been making baby headbands lately and your flower tutorials are beautiful.

I wonder if you could change the settings so when I click on a link, it will open in a new window instead of taking me away from your blog page? Since right-clicking is not allowed here I cannot right click the link and tell it to open in a new window. It would be very helpful!

Thanks for your ideas!

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I found it gorgeous , so I decided to try it. thank you a lot for this tutorial
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thanks again to share this

Hapar Simpsons said...

it's interesting. the fabric flowers look very beautiful. thanks emily~~

Fiona said...

So generous of you to take the time and effort to document every step with words and photos. Thank you and God bless you. Your flowers are gorgeous and you have empowered so many of us to create. Absolutely brilliant. x x

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