Update: Reached My Goal, and I Feel GOOOOD!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remember this? (I'll keep the photo smallish, so as not to scare you any longer with that horrifying pile of CLUTTER!)

Well lookie here!!

Except.... this is just the ALMOST DONE phase...

How many of you work on projects like this-- ordering, organizing, tidying.... Only to end up with a whole NEW pile of clutter, reshuffled? Like as in here, on my bed, on the other side of the room?

Yikes. I got the desk in order... only to be left with all of this....EXTRA stuff. Ha! It never ends! And now there is no place to sleep!

So back to the piles I went, finding MORE ways to sort and reshuffle and toss and store.... And got my bed down to THIS, finally:

Much better! Manageable, even. Just this box--- destined to be shipped to a dear friend. (Does that dear friend recognize the content and know it is coming? Hmm???)

... and these. Just three remaining piles.
Left to right: 1.) a picture frame I painted red, but still needs to be varnished. Easy. Just gotta DO it. 2.) a dollar store red bulletin board. I want to put some other Noah stuff on there, including his name, to hang in his room... 3.) red box lid with stuff I do not need/want... but is nice still. So Goodwill? We'll see.

And that brings us to THIS:

The REAL final desk... a bit more stuff back on it after the bed purge... But this is more realistic. Fabric organized into bags beneath (not a pretty solution, but it works.)... A tray on the left with more urgent to-do projects... a "joy jar" from my beloved ELW'ers (see the orange and purple flowers in the center? That's my jar of thoughtful quotes and notes from my girls. THANK YOU, girls!!) and then the necessary files and piles and boxes and books that hold treasures and necessities... A MUCH more manageable desk, wouldn't you say??

And speaking of treasures---I found THIS--- a little bundle of joy I purchased on Etsy months ago, but quickly lost in shuffle:

They are packets of vintage ephemera (oh I am a sucker for ephemera!!!) The back packet is childrens' things, and the front packet is in my favorite colors, red and turquoise, and has flashcards, labels, etc. etc. And buttons! And Baker's Twine! Divine!!

(Go to Lilypad Lounge on Etsy to buy your own treasure bundles...Just because. It's such happy stuff!)

and lastly, I rediscovered this:

a gift, but one that never made it onto my baby... And actually, it wasn't made FOR Noah-- It was regifted to me, and while I adore it, I am thinking someone somewhere has the PERFECT home for it... Someone who can actually USE it?? (It would fit 3-6 months, probably.) Leave me a comment if you adore it and have to have it... If I get a crazy response, I'll draw a name. But if only one person really even wants it, it is yours.

Anyway. That was a sidetrack.

The point is, I REACHED MY GOAL. I loved having two hours to myself in the sunny morning when I am the most motivated... Thank you Joe. Thank you Noah. I found a little chi in that pile!!


  1. She does.... and she has a box for you, as well...If she can ever get herself organized enough to go through it and get it sent off to you....I love you, ny very dear friend...and miss you TONS!!!


    Just left you a note on Noah's page; regarding your eloquent comments about "Time". Then, as I was writing this note, it occurred to me that you and I have now known each other for over a Decade!!! How is that possible????? Like your observation [about time], It seems like just yesterday I met my "biggest fan", who promoted me to all of her customers....who was then destined to become the "little Sister" of my heart. Just yesterday... and at te same time, several "lifetimes" ago...

    Love ya Em!

  2. Wow! What a day! What an accomplishment!

    And as for the sweater...I am wondering if a small Benjamin in Chicago might need it?

  3. I second Anna's comment!

    And GREAT JOB! Glad you found some chi in there!

  4. Nice work! Can you come and organize my house for me????

  5. Um. . . Yeah. I'm seriously impressed that you got all of that done in 2 hours. SERIOUSLY impressed. You are my cleaning guru.

    What music was inspiring you? Because I need me some inspiration.

  6. Awesome! Can you breathe more easily when you walk into that room. Good job, I bet it was so satisfying.

  7. your desk looks SOO good! i know of a couple of almost-moms who could use that awesome jacket for their little guys...

    -this is Natalie Lukens, btw

  8. Why is it your "pictures of a mess" even look artistic? It's wrong, really. And just not fair.

  9. I need your email address so I can send you an invite to my blog :) (krazy421 at yahoo dot com)

  10. I always have leftover piles. They make me crazy! Good work on a job well done!

  11. ~Organized Bliss

    LOVE that table...I wonder if we can sneak it out ;)

    Again, thank you for the calendar! I LOVE having nephew & the fam on my desk!!!

  12. great job! what a great feeling, right?

  13. I am the master reshuffler - just ask Joel. He knows all too well...Only your piles seem to look beautiful in your pictures - I need to work on that just to say they are works of art!


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