The Lost Days:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feels like I've been in a vacuum of time and space the last few days... Like the time has just been lost.

What's been going on?

Well, Noah got the stomach flu on Saturday, and it's still hanging around right now.

{here's Noah just now, quietly playing with Dad and his basket of toys}

{here's the "sick nest" Noah's been inhabiting for the last two hours: Blankie, Lamby, sippy with Pedialyte, little dish of Cheerios, and not shown-- a parent to snuggle with}

So what has the last few days consisted of? A list:

* baby puke, nearly always at night. Once in the bathtub.

* a few gross diapers

* lots of cuddles (rare and delightful, since my baby is NOT a snuggler)

* at least 10 loads of laundry. Almost all of them small and inefficient, but necessary. Only to have another small load an hour later. EXASPERATING!

* at least 7 baby baths, two involving a messy finale

* crackers... toast... applesauce... pedialyte...water...cheerios...

* middle-of-the-night cleanups and reassurances

* naps for mom whenever possible

* longer-than-usual naps from Noah

* leftovers. No energy to make real dinners here

* no church on Sunday

* I got out to see a movie last night with friends, only to come home to another report of baby barf. :(

* emails and phone calls with trying to "stay connected" in the middle of this island of SICK

* hubs working/sleeping the first half of this, then being around and AMAZING the second half

* an impromptu trip to the zoo yesterday afternoon, just Noah and I, to GET OUT OF THE STIFLING HOUSE and get some fresh air. Did both our souls good. Noah laughed out loud at the sea lions and the prairie dogs.

* a middle-of-the-night slumber party, just Noah and I, on the floor of his room... for a little while. To comfort him.

* and for me? Initiation into the Real Mom Club...

So. That's where I've been. Where I'll be until further notice... just the little family in the little attic, trying to get well.


  1. Poor Noah and poor Mommy and Daddy! I hope he gets to feeling better soon and I hope you guys stay well!

  2. We dealt with that 2 weeks ago...yogurt works wonders on babies with stomach flu, its not what doctors say but I give my kids a little Activia and it all goes away. I hope he gets better soon!

  3. Argh, it's here? Your the first one I've heard of that has had a bout with the flu. I wonder if I can keep my kids inside until this all blows over. That might be worse than just getting the flu :) Hope he's feeling better, I hate to see the little ones sick like that.

  4. Get well !

  5. Tis the season to be sickly! Fa la la la blah, blah blah blah BLAAAAHHHHH!

    That sick carol...

    I'm getting a cold and Kirsti stayed home yesterday from a cold! Humph!

    You are all in my prayers!

    Hang in there!

  6. I am sorry to hear about the sickly little guy. Hopefully no one else gets it. Its good to get out of the house and get fresh air. At least it is supposed to be in the 50's this weekend. YES!

  7. Welcome to the Club - we're glad you're here. But tell Noah you were already in the club - this whole barf-initiation is so old school.

    Sure hope he's feeling himself again soon.

  8. Oh heavens. I'm so sorry for the sickies. That is never, ever fun. Good for you for actually having the energy and desire to exit the house. You always know the right way to get out of a funk.
    I have had so many nights of projectile vomit, I won't bore you. But midnight slumber parties are kinda cool. The guilty coolest part of sickies? The kid that usually won't snuggle with you, now will. Try to savor every hug.
    Thinking of you and sending good smelling thoughts your way.

  9. Once again, I am sorry you've had to deal with wee little pukies (actually, it sounds like Noah's pukies weren't very wee or little...) Still, I'm glad to hear you are coping without going crazy (it sounds like your recuperating day at the zoo was fun).

    Now, just please keep all those illnesses out there in Missouri!

    Keep up the great Mom-manship.

  10. ohh sadness... Of course, I'm coming a little late to the sympathy table. But still... I hope things in general are looking up (and about the black bean brownies, mentioned in Noah's blog - was that one of your "sneaky veggies" recipes?)

    Take care. Love you (and you are NOT a bad mama...)

  11. After many a throw-ups, I finally started getting "smart" and putting their old crib mattress on the floor, and surrounding it with towels, and then having an extra stack of PJs and sheets right there, ready to go. Why I got to that point, I thought I had jsut come up with a miracle invention. I think it's called being prepared, something I often lack in my life... BUT... it's well worth the extra minutes of preparation to spare you some sleep in the nite!

    Hope you are al feeling better!

  12. Your little world is a heaven, Emily! God bless.


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