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Friday, January 2, 2009

So... First of all, it has been almost nine months since I split my professional photography blog off of this one. To be quite honest, the Photography Blog is kinda dry... the photos are fun, of course, but it's not really a showcase of my sparkling personality. I really only set it up because Typepad Blogs have a "photo album" option that made it possibly for me to set up galleries (A., B., C., etc.) of my work to show prospective clients. That's really it....

In a lot of ways, it would be great to channel the photo stuff back into THIS blog, because I think a lot of what "sells" an artist to a client is their persona, not just their work. So. Hey-- random poll: Would you ELW readers be bugged if I started reintroducing the sneak peeks and sample photos and all-around pro-bloggin' junk back on here? Is it a good idea? Should I keep the Pro Blog, and just make the effort to be more interesting over there? Is work and play best kept separate? Would I scare away the prospective client with my wacky, mood-swingin' self on here? LOL! I'm going to put a poll on the sidebar... Give me your honest, anonymous opinion and I'll see what I can do.

ANYWAY-- back on track here. the point of this post is to mention that while I do tend to keep the pro stuff separate, I am aware that some of you would maybe pay me to take your photos as well, and since many of you are friends and family and people I care about, I wanted to mention my January Dealio so that you can take advantage of it if you like. I'll keep it short, and try to keep it simple, and if you are at all confused or want more info, you can hop over to said DRY BLOG and read the more detailed report.

Okay-- here it is. I am launching an OFFICIAL Flash-run website, but not until March 1. Because of that, and because winter is dead and blah anyway, I am offering my 2008 prices through February 28. That means that although I am changing my pricing somewhat for the new season of photography, I won't make the change until the website launches. So now is the time to get in on this! You can do it two ways:

1. Book a session IN January or February. We still have options and cool locations and fun things we can do, even though the world is dead and frigid outside. Trust me.
(I am only booking four sessions for each month, and Jan. and Feb. already have one of the four booked).


2. Book a session for the REST of 2009, any time, fall, summer, etc., but get it booked and deposit sent in to me BY JANUARY 31.... and you'll lock in the 2008 rates. Deposit is $50, and goes towards your actual session fee, which is due the day of the shoot.

So.... either we can go out and play in the winter weather soon, or you can get your fall family photos SCHEDULED and LOCKED IN by January 31.... either way, you get to keep the 2008 rate.

Sound good? Tell all your friends.

And.........take that poll I'm gonna put in the sidebar. Because I blog here for my own sanity, and for my loved ones.... And any cool, fun, zany lurkers that may be out there... But if adding the pro photo stuff back in here sounds like it might be okay, it's be great to know your opinions.

Happy New Year!

P.S. I have two 6-hour train trips in my VERY near future. SOOO cool! And my plan is, on those trips, to craft my CREDO and get zen and centered for the new year. I'll make sure I come back to report.

And tell you what a CREDO is.

And inspire you to maybe craft your own.

Then end.

For now.



  1. Um, your photography is a huge part of who you are! SHARE! Seriously. Make us all envy you on a more regular basis. It's only fair.

    I can't wait to hear your CREDO.

  2. I think it should be a bit of both. Turn it into a blogsite with a bar across the top with links. Have this one, the main page, be Emily's Little World, but then you can have links that go to the Sneak Peeks, to Investments, to FAQ or whatever else you want. Sheye Rosemeyer (beautiful photographer and has her pro stuff there for all to view, but the main blog is more personal and talks of her family, the loss of her daughter, her fears, photography, life in general) has a blogsite that works really well, I think. Or Tara Whitney also comes to mind.

    I have the in desperate need of sprucing up Photography blog, but then I just started a more personal blog. I plan on being very personal and open in the photo blog, but keeping the personal blog somewhat on the down low just for friends and such.

    Am I any help? ;)

  3. Please tell me you are coming to Colorado in March...April is good too!

  4. I think that the people who come here know and love you and want to see the sneak peeks and stuff.
    And I don't think strangers would be scared away (or if they would, you'd probably be miserable trying to work with them).

    But keep the "professional" blog/website because of the advantages in dividing into albums (or whatever your new one would have) and if you're really paranoid, let that be the one you put on your business cards or whatever.

    But heaven knows, those photos have been consuming much of your life, and since this blog here is about your life, it seems silly to exclude your professional work just 'cause it's "professional" or whatever.

    Just my two cents, since I couldn't resist voting for "Nacho" on the actual poll (I missed voting for the elephant name the first time...)

    Anyway, you know we'll love you whatever...

    Have a good weekend :-)


  5. I would love to see your pro stuff on here....I get a lot of my ideas from you (I am not a pro..but just when I play around) :)

  6. Hm, I voted for 'separate just because'...but it didn't log my vote there, cuz there appears to still be zero for it! I like the satureity (saturatedness? saturate?) of your photo-blog, and know that your ELW is more fun. Not that photos are boring, of course. I just like it the way 'tis. I also like you, just as you are.

    (Name that movie!)

  7. Umm, can you swing by Austin?? I need a family photo and of course, would be willing to support the November mommies in any way I can. ;)

  8. She should drive through Denver and then hit Austin! Sounds like a plan!

    I want newborn photos taken but don't want to have to take them this time. :)

  9. I totally think you should share. This blog will show prospective clients your personality which is a vital part of the pictures you take.

  10. I also would love to book another session with you!!! Oh how I wish...

  11. Like Melanie, I love getting a chance to see the beautifully unique way you view the world through your photography. But more than that, I want you to do what makes your life easiest!

  12. Give me YOU! Whatever and whenever. YOU are fantastico!

  13. I voted for separate...just because for the simple fact that, like Juli says, it might be nice to keep a separate place for all your albums. HOwever, if you find it too hard/exhausting/boring/whatever to keep up both blogs, I don't think there is anything wrong with merging them, either.

    Where are you going by train??? (I somehow missed out on this info)

    And when can I see how our December photo shoot turned out? I'm just a little curious... :)

    Have fun centering your chi and getting your soul ready for the year that is to come!

    love ya-

  14. Have you ever come across Your use of color reminds me a lot of her!

    Pics are just beautiful, Em!

  15. I agree with Juliana.

    I think you should keep this one, AND do your own professional site. From the professional site you can link to here so they can get to know the real "you," but you can still be your normal sassy self. I do think that you should post teasers here though. I know I personally LOVE seeing your photography, and love the option of seeing more of it on your different site.

    So my vote, keep the two separate, but still share the teaser photo's here.

    Photography is a big part of your life... share it!

  16. I agree with most here - keep 'em separate, but with teasers. The blogsite idea is also intriguing.


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