My Bessie's Wedding (Warning: Photo Overload!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Genny is my best friend from high school-- a staple in my life and one of my happy thoughts. So of COURSE when she got engaged to be married in October 2008, I jumped at the chance to take her photos... and help design her invites... oh, and make her wedding cupcakes. Why not? I'm her best friend, right??

So without too much judging of the fact that it is currently January, and these photos are from October, sit back and enjoy the highlights of this gorgeous day with my gorgeous bessie and the love of her life... A day I am deeply joyful that I got to be a part of:

{they got married in this old schoolhouse in the middle of a garden. It was the most perfect, charming setting...}

{Lily, Genny's sweet sister-- she did Gen's gorgeous hair and makeup...}
{Gen's family is so dear to me. I adore these photos of them!!!}

{My mom and sister provided the music. Aren't they beautiful?}
{inside the schoolhouse. Do you spy a Joe and a Noah?}

{my cupcake contribution. I agonized over these, and without the help of my sister and mom, they would NOT have gotten done in time!}
{the wedding begins}

{Gen's two brothers sang "When I'm 64" by the Beatles as the closing song... Charming!}

{after the wedding, we had time for more photos... first, the friends. Ahem, ME. :) }
{thanks, Joe, for being the trusty camera handler when I want to be in the shot!}

{This one has our other bessie from high school, Sarah. Sarah, you were irreplaceable that day!!}
{and a few more of the newlyweds:}

To conclude, I wanted to show two more fun ones, these from the following week, pre-reception. Genny and Neil are not your conventional folk, and their wedding gifts to each other were not conventional either. They gave each other these slate grey Doc Marten boots... So fun! So instead of the traditional "ring shot", we decided to try for a more clever take... What do you think??

And the last shot-- with their feet still in the air, here is the happy pair...

Here's to a long, love-filled life, my beautiful Genevieve. You are a joy in my life and these photos bring me deep satisfaction.

Love ya!


  1. I've seen these...oh, a half-dozen times today? At least? Still makes me smile uncontrollably. And giggle at Dad's HILARIOUS expression as I kiss his cheek...

    They are so special, em...I am overwhelmed by you. Thank you, so, for the best gift I've ever received.

    {Also...I LOVE the commentary along the're such a treasure!}

  2. wow! your friend had a BEAUTIFUL wedding! mazel tov to the happy couple!

  3. Ohh, what a sweet thing to do for your best friend! They are wonderful!

  4. Just beautiful! You captured the amazingness (not a word) of that day perfectly! Genny is lucky to have you!

  5. What a beautiful bride and such a simple, peaceful wedding. Love the red detail on your dress Gen!
    Emily-photos that seem to capture the emotions of the day, as always. Such talent.

  6. beautiful photos!!! (as always)

  7. Oh wow. Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous wedding! Genny! You were an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!

  8. What a lovely wedding. I love the fall colors.

  9. What a beautiful day, gorgous setting and (what appears to be) a super cool couple! I just love the shot of the kiss at the end (where he's dipping her). Stunning!

  10. great job on the pics, em! and what a lovely wedding.

  11. what a fun experience! i love the charm of the schoolhouse and how simple she kept everything. and i LOVED how excited her husband was standing next to gen. and the cupcakes? so cute!

  12. Beautiful pics all around Emilie! You are a wonder. I love how the colors pop. Talk about fun and beautiful! Love the pic of Noah reading with those socks.... adorable.

  13. Wow. Beautiful. Really beautiful.


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