Wednesday, October 1, 2008

{everyday life: an image from my morning walk with Noah yesterday}

working on designer Ali Edward's art challenge this week... Love the idea, the tasks related to it...

But so far, kinda hating the week. I am so PMS out-of-control that even normal mishaps and follies take on monstrous proportion and I spiral into an angry, sad, stressed mess so quickly it would make your head spin. Add to that a handful of not-so normal mishaps and follies, and it's a recipe for failed days, bundled together into a potentially failed week. *sigh*

It's an ugly pit, and I'm not doing a very good job of clawing my way out.

So, wednesday-- what else ya got for me? Hmm?

I'm off... going to try to be productive. Try to find the good moments. Try to be a good mom in spite of the mood. Sorry for the quick, not-so-la-la-la blog post.... Just keepin' it RRREAL over here.



  1. I have a tip for you to make your mood a little better.... make Noah laugh. Just tickle him or whatever you normally do to get a belly laugh out of him.... it will then in turn make you laugh, thus releasing the good endorphins in your body, making you feel better. ;) That's how I make myself feel better when I'm in a bad mood.
    BIG HUGS... I had that kind of week last week and it worked it's way into this week too.

  2. I have been having a really hard time lately also, what with the accident and all. So last night I pulled up my kids blog and I started reading it from the beginning. Granted Noah isn't as old as my kids, so it might not go back that far, but you may just discover something that you had forgotten about that will touch your heart just right. It worked for me. Let me know!

  3. Hey lady...I know how you feel. I have rough spots too during the month...your feelings reflect my own so well! Don't despair! Get out, do something for yourself, find a way to get your chi in order...remember our friend Sark....

  4. Something that makes me feel better and is totally immature is telling everything and everyone to suck it. I'm not kidding. But you have to say it in a really low and somewhat slow voice like this, "suggit..."
    Try it and suggit.

  5. I can't stop laughing over here.


  6. Oh, honey, those days/weeks happen, and they suck. And unfortunately timed to a week when you are focusing on the "everyday". But it will get better. Hey - you could make it a yin/yang project where you show the good and the bad of the everyday...

  7. I am so with you on this week and the PMSing. blech! I've been trying to blog about it, but even that is annoying me. But your picture is still pretty and so are you :)

  8. Oh WOW...this is ART!!! LOVE it.

  9. LOVE the picture! Love the colors the way it just seems to be alive and vibrant and so fall I just want to hang it up somewhere :)

    Sorry about the rough day that sounds like my month and its just the first day but each time I see my girl smile or get one of those wrap around hugs everything melts away

  10. yuck,i hate emotionally rough times. seems like stuff is magnified 100x. i'm going on three weeks of sinus/allergy problems and while things could be tons worse, it's just annoying enough that i can't seem to get any of my pre-sickness items off my to-do list.

    prayers and hugs your way!

  11. Sorry about the PMS. Love, love, love that picture.

  12. Sorry about the poopy week. I hope that you are having a much better weekend and enjoying the weather. Maybe you just need to put on one of those cute aprons and make some more amazing cupcakes?

  13. Yeah, we all have those days and weeks. I had mine about a month ago, with the weight loss thing, totally failed at it, felt terrible, ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted, whatever. At the end of the week, I amazingly hadn't gained weight, just not lost any... hey, I still won, right?

    I LOVE that picture, it's too die for. I love all the textures that you add on to it. I might have to learn your trick for that!

    Also, I MAY need this chocolate-raspberry recipe, those look to die for also!

    Hope all is well this week! Maybe you had an uplifting weekend? ;)

  14. that photo is SPECTACULAR! You should print it and hang it on your wall! Or give me permission and I will!

  15. Ahh, reality. Yes, I know these days. and I'm glad to hear about yours. you're a treasure in my life.


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