It's the Little Things:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Borrowing from two blog friends, Andrea, who is listing things she is grateful for, and Melanie, who is keeping it real with a pro and con list, I am gonna write my post as a list today:

What I LOVED About Today's Walk:
~ The way the leaves are really and truly changing, and falling, and crunching beneath my feet
~ The incredible blue of the sky that can only be found in the Fall
~ The feeling of walking, my limbs in motion, my legs limber, my shoes comfy and ready to go
~ Having my little man close to me in his stroller, chillin' as always, enjoying the ride
~ Three stray balls from the school playground. I got to toss them back while Noah watched, completely perplexed
~ Noah's backward glances, checking that I was still behind his stroller, and then his face-wide smile when he saw that I was
~ Cold Mountain soundtrack and the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss song that came on my iPod... They just FIT, ya know?
~ The breeze and the perfect 66-degree afternoon
~ The little cafe where we stopped and had broccoli cheddar soup and Noah got all the crackers for himself
~ The red, and the yellow, and the orange leaves I found and placed on Noah's stroller tray for him to explore
~ And the stick, which he sampled the flavor of... YUM!
~ My glorious neighborhood of 100-year-old homes of brick and stone, with fifty-foot trees and pumpkins on the porches and a feeling of peace
~ Coming home, and my little man's happy kicking flapping body as we climbed back up to our nook in the Masonic Lodge

Ahhh... This week. Such a difference from last week. I am content.


  1. I was happy that there was no "Things I hated" list!! What a wonderful walk! I'm going to go take one myself now too -- you are inspirational!

  2. That made me long for trees. . . and crunchy leaves. I love fall! I'm glad you got to go out and enjoy it today. Makes me feel a bit sheepish for my cynicism sometimes. . .

  3. Nah-- don't be, Mel... I have my "real" moments, too!!

  4. Can we trade...lists that is? Mine is an attempt to find good in each week...sometimes I have to do a lot of searching and turn something negative around and around until I reveal something to be thankful for. Yours, on the other hand, is truly GOOD. No nastiness hiding in the background; no distorted truths; no hidden negativity (mine is FULL of that, but only I know it). You are a lucky woman!

  5. great picture and what a great day!!!

  6. I just saw your proofs of Kirsten Self's photo shoot...Emily, you amaze me! What a fantastic series of images!

  7. I am jealous of your day! Our leaves have only just started changing! :)

    I hope the weekend continues to be great!

  8. I am so glad to see your day was a great one! You live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods, and I bet it is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. MY favorite thing about your neighborhood is how willing your neighbors are to share their hydrangeas (well, they probably would have been if they had known about it!:))

  9. You always capture the moments perfectly. I need to take some photography lessons from you. I also need to steal your camera. Lol! You have to tell me where you got the pumpking bagels and cream cheese. Also, the pumpkins were at a farm called Rombach Farms. It is in Chesterfield.

  10. sooo jealous! i miss orange and red leaves...all we get around here is green, grey and brown, lol.


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