Countdown- a Survey

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In keeping with my promise to be a better blogger, I present another post! Two in two days! No tag here... I borrowed this from Jodi, who borrowed it from someone else. If ya wanna do it, feel free to borrow it yourself.

And sorry for no photos. I just don't have any at the moment that fit.


Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People Right Now:

1. I remember you. Always would have. Be at peace.
2. You're my favorite and all of it was perfect.
3. I'm sorry. I'd love to know you now, and see if you're still brilliantly witty.
4. You're more patient with me than I deserve.
5. You are angry and unpleasant and I don't miss our friendship.
6. I'll try to be more sweet tomorrow-- because you're not trying to push my buttons.
7. We might need more than one year.
8. Thank goodness you never asked me out!!
9. I'll have a turkey reuben, 10-inch, with a soda, please.
10. You are appallingly thankless, and I don't care if we ever talk again.

Nine Things About Myself:
1. I sleep with my feet poking out of the blankets and sheets. (Sleeping bags drive me NUTS.)
2. I was a singer in a former life.... symphony, choirs, solos, lessons, the whole bit. Now, Noah is my main audience.
3. I start a LOT of things I don't finish. I'm trying to get better.
4. My favorite animal is a humpback whale, and has been since 4th grade. Because they sing.
5. I am a better mom than I thought I'd be.
6. I LOVE sleep and sugar-- my two vices.
7. I spend waaay too much time at this computer.
8. I am content in my attic, and don't need my own house anytime soon. The only things I would like that moving offers is a space to create art, and new couches.
9. I am trying to maximize my October this year-- getting outside each day, enjoying Fall-y flavors and activities.... Just soaking it all in. LOVE this season.

Eight Ways to Win My Heart:
1. Bring me a cupcake or cookie.
2. Make me a mix CD.
3. Listen to my rambling and philosophizing and ramble and philosophize back.
4. Show some vulnerability.
5. Make me laugh.
6. Don't make me feel stupid.
7. Go to a fair/festival/antique shop/thrift store/historical town with me.
8. Give me unexpected little things-- notes, treats, hugs, etc.

Seven Things That Cross My Mind a Lot:
1. Noah's well-being
2. Joe's well-being
3. Sleep and when/how to get it, or if I haven't gotten it...
4. Photography needs/client needs/work stuff
5. Keeping my home in shape
6. Creative little ideas... and guilt about not completing them
7. Gratitude, and reminders to be grateful.

Six Things I Do Before I Fall Asleep:
1. Check my list of online haunts
2. Go to the bathroom
3. Crawl in bed under the comforter and adjust my top pillow
4. Check Twitter on my phone
5. Play solitaire on my phone
6. Roll over a couple of times

Five People Who Mean a Lot:
1. Joe
2. Noah
3. Beckie
4. Mel & Stef
5. Gen

Four Things I'm Wearing Right Now:
1. black fleece lounge pants
2. brown ponytail holder
3. white undershirt
4. my "Onward" stamped typewriter key necklace.

Three Songs I Listen to a Lot: [at the moment]
1. Elizabeth Mitchell's "Little Bird"
2. Rachel Yamagata's "Elephant"
3. Wicked's "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

Two Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
1. Go back to Italy
2. Own a farmhouse

One Confession:
1. I ate mini candy bars, a cupcake, some caramels, and some chocolate cake today. Among other, non-dessert foods. Seriously-- I have a sugar addiction.


  1. aww...I'm really touched I made your top 5 (or 6) list! That was really sweet of you, and just MADE my morning. Seriously.

    I'm off to float on my cloud nine now....

  2. Oooh, great one!! I'm going crazy trying to figure out your Top Ten, and by golly, I'm going to find out what they are. I have ideas about #s 1, 3, 8, and 10, and am sure about #s 4...and #9, of course!! Let's TOTALLY go next time you're here! Oh, hey, have you ever had Indian? Maybe we gals can go this weekend...? It's a tradition with Sarah.

    And thank you for including me in your tops. That must have been a tough thing to narrow down--you are so thoroughly loved by everyone who knows you!

    I know I'm harping on it...but thank you for making this weekend absolutely perfect. You are a source of sanity in my crazy world...but you keep me good-crazy, too. We can't get too sensible, right?

    I gotta do this one soon!

  3. sometimes those survey entries are so fun to read. Much more random and in my chaotic life make it feel simpler to keep up. lol Some things are obvious, like joe and noah being who you think about but then then again I never saw you as a phone solitaire player. :) I just might steal it...

  4. Yay! I love it!
    And, I love and miss you! We MUST reschedule soon!

  5. What a fun list! I'm with Stef, I'm touched. Seriously touched. & I think I need to steal it. . . because who doesn't need to post 4 blog entries in 24 hours? :)

  6. I love you lists! I might have to borrow this one.

  7. i am totally borrowing this (with props to you, of course). i love everything you post, even SANS pictures. :)

  8. I love so much about you, what a great tag!

  9. So fun to read! I want art/dance space and new couches when we get our own place too. . . one day. I think you are a top tier gal for sure. I'm so glad we've reconnected with blogging :o).

  10. I loved it so much, I did it myself. Much harder than it looked - but fun. Thanks!

  11. Interesting idea, never thought of this point of view


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