Two Little Books

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Every once in awhile, and more often than I lately have time for, I get the creative ITCH. The need, the craving to create something out of nothing. To take bits and pieces and fluff and lovlies and doodads and combine them in a pleasing way. This urge might manifest in a batch of yummy, pretty cupcakes or a little stitched blankie for my baby... It might be satisfied with a batch of new photos or a scrapbook page. The two projects I'm showing you today are directly inspired by two very creative gals who seem to make time for their creative itch more than I do. One, Jaime, is a good friend. The other, Ali Edwards, is a "scrapbooking guru" whose blog I stalk. Both blogs are fun and inspiring, so go check them out.

So today, I'm going to show you two little books. The first is inspired by Jaime's amazing hybrid books here and here. Okay, maybe "inspired" is the wrong word. How about "directly and completely copied"? *wink*
Take a look at her book:
I loved her owl book so much that I went over and got the scoop on how to make one of my own. I followed her directions to a T and voila! A lovely lil' owl book of my very own.

The digital scrapbooking kit I used is "Owl Love You Forever Boy" by MandaBean

The pages are mostly done digitally, on Photoshop. They are then printed onto photo paper.

The board book is the keyplate book by BasicGrey.
The Photoshop layouts are cut out and glued to the board book pages.

Additional scrapbook doodads, 3-D this time, are added. (Jaime used Prima flowers, sooo cute, but not very "manly", so I used "Love, Elsie" chipboard buttons)

The whole thing gets one more coat of glue and some matching ribbons from my vast and growing ribbon collection added to the ring...

And only a little while later (okay, I'm lying. MAN this took longer than Jaime made it sound. :) I slaved away on this little treasure!!! And don't look too close. There are plenty of little mistakes to remind me I'm human.) ...anyway, a bit later I have a fabulous brag book to show of some favorite Noah photos. Love it!
(Thanks, Jaime, for letting me completely steal your idea. Maybe next time I'll try to be original. Or not. You're too inspiring for me to quit the plagarism. *sigh*)

...And this one is from Ali Edward's Weekend Creative Valentine's idea in early February, posted here. She gave a template ready to print and some excellent photo descriptions, and it seemed easy enough. So I whipped one together for my sweetie for his Valentine's card and added some little photos of our family. I wrote lots of sweet reasons he is awesome to finish the whole thing off. Cute!

...So there you go. Every so often there is time in my messy, loud, packed, stretched little life to make something out of nothing-- to fulfill that creative need. And these little books are tangible reminders that our life IS good and IS lovely, and that everything we have is everything we'll ever need. I need to remember to do this again. I need to remember that there will always be good stuff in the middle of the crazy stuff.

My life is pretty great. And I'm okay.


  1. great projects! They turned out amazing.
    Thanks for letting me know what lens you have. I have the same one, and was thinking about getting the 50mm 1.8 because of it's affordability.....but I think I may go one step more and get the's around $300 I think. I will just save a bit more.

  2. YAY!! Your's turned out so darling! I love the little chipboard buttons that you used! :) Hope you doing well, coming home tomorrow, we should play soon

  3. These are ADORABLE! I love them! Next month, we're driving home to Indiana and bringing my mom back with us for a week...I'm totally going to take advantage of the extra arms and do some fun projects!

    Oh, and yes I am LOVING my new camera...and, I've got it on auto so I'm just kind of trial and error right now, but I'm learning!

  4. How beautiful! Those are gorgeous albums that you will treasure years from now. Reminds me that I need to do more mini-albums - a quick project would be good right now.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. As always, Wow and more wow!

  6. I love it. Makes me wish I were more creative and had someone like you nearby to help me follow through on these little ideas. If only I weren't so lazy.

  7. i'm loving it- just like i love the way to post regularly to keep us up-to-date on everything- i love the way you use your blog as a creative outlet because then we get to share the joys, the sorrows, every little corner of the delightful life you lead... thank you for being you!

    love ya!

  8. how jealous are you that i got an email from Ali Edwards today? :)

    adorable books by the way!

  9. You see I consider myself a "creative" person. But, unlike you, I don't get the itch to create something from nothing. It's more like, I get the itch to have something created FOR me from nothing.
    Your crafts are adorable and I'm jealous that you have the determination and drive to actually do them rather than just think about them like I do :)

  10. you are amazing! i'm definitely adding this to my long list of "things i need to make." thanks for the inspiration! :)

  11. saw this on youtube, thought of you

    can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!



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