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Sunday, April 6

Let's Play "I Spy"

This evening, the light in my west-facing kitchen made me so happy that I had to take a picture to try to capture it. I think I almost have it right. And since I love my lil' attic kitchen, let's look around it a bit and play some "I Spy". Take a peek:

Tell me, can you spy:
1. a leprechaun
2. my apron collection
3. cuttings from our flowering forsythia
4. the lovely casserole dish from my mother-in-law
5. some patched pants
6. a cold remedy that really works
7. a place for dry spaghetti and a place for wet spaghetti
8. a fragile plant in a strange container
9. my koolaid jug
10. a vestige of my Macaroni Grill days


Go... Look all over my kitchen (all the less-than sparkling areas are well-hidden here!). And let me know what you find.
(And if you're ever in town, come on over and we'll make something yummy in this cozy, warm little kitchen. I love it.)


  1. I love the beautiful yellow walls - it is the color I'd love to use in our guest room. Great light - enjoy it!

    Have a great week!

  2. I LOVE your kitchen!! VERY cute "EAT" sign ... I'm thinking I'm going to have to come visit and we'll bake up something tasty!! :o)

  3. Very cute kitchen!

    I think I got all but 2 (and i'm not sure about those... If the remnant from M.G. is the "EAT" sign, which I dout, I got it. But, if not I am not sure... there may be an apron in your "Apron Collection" that looks like it may have an "Italian Food" print on it, but I wasn't sure (????).

    I also am not sure about your Kool-aid jug...If it is the glass bottle behing the "Cold remedy that really works", then "I do spy"; and if not, then I don't know where it could be.

    Thanks for the diversion.

    Have a great week.... Love you,

    A (& Z)

  4. I spy.....a dishwasher! yeah....do I win a prize? ha ha ha....

    very creative (as always, Em)

  5. galen3:52 PM

    I am completely in love with your kitchen.
    Mine's west facing two... wish it had this effect.

    (currently, the effect is more of "oh look, all the dust I didn't see before")

  6. I could not have that enormous EAT emblazoned on my kitchen wall, I would use it as justification to constantly raid the fridge.
    ...cute kitchen

  7. Um, so do we win a prize if we spy everything? No? Good, because I didn't :( (but I think I got close! I'm convinced that your patched pants must be hidden among those aprons, I think your Kool-aid pitcher is disguising itself as a microwave, why would you keep such a fragile plant IN your dishwasher? and I can't believe you kept those Macaroni Grill Italian Granny Smith Apples for THAT long!)
    Okay, so maybe I don't know your kitchen as well as I should- I guess that means I'll have to come over for a visit (and some of that yummy baking- maybe you could show me some of those awesome cupcake techniques!)

    thanks for sharing your cozy corner!

    love ya-