Oh, Friday, How I Love Thee.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally Friday. Man this week has been longer and harder than the last. What is this?? But I made it to today, and managed not to lose my mind. At least, not ALL the way.
But it was tough, let me tell you-- lots of tears, lots of yucky feelings, lots of venting... and in return, lots of loving, supportive, willing friends/husband/family to let me let it all out. Not the least of which came from a friend I've never even really met. A fellow new mom, a blogging and email buddy, and a true kindred spirit. Stefanie-- how can I ever thank you enough for this? :
The card began, "when life gives you lemons..." and the vase has a LEMON in the bottom. Could this be any cuter, sweeter, more cheerful, more thoughtful, more NEEDED??

I am humbled by the love this universe has to offer. I am blessed to get to partake of even a small portion of it. I am grateful for my circle of friends, near, far, met, unmet...

Thank you.

And since I feel rejuvenated, I have other things to share.

First, can you guess what this is?

Hint: It's a semi-antique my mom found for me last summer...and it's in my kitchen as of a week ago.

You think you know?

did you guess this?

And you know what that means:

Ta-Da! Noah is eating REAL food! I have more photos, video, and details on his blog, so feel free to go over there to see more of this adventure.

...oh, let me give you ONE more photo of him here. He's too cute to resist.
(I love how vintage the high chair is... And I love how timeless a black and white photo is.)

Okay... for now, that's it. I have so much more to blog about. Someday. One day at a time, people.

(Stefanie. Seriously. THANK YOU. I am floored.)


  1. So sweet!! I love the lemon! Also I am melting over the chair. Hope you can unwind this weekend sweetie. I hope I see you on Sunday.

  2. I love that you take the time to comment on my blog. Even if it's just a "hang in there" it makes me feel good inside. I don't return the favor enough. So here it is...

    Hang in there! You have, what, a month left of classes? I hope that it whizzes by at all the right times and yet you still have time to breathe. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and appreciate all that you do for that part of my soul that comes out every once in a while.

  3. LOVE the high chair!! Oh my goodness!! And I love the lemons in the vase.

    Hang in there girl ... you're amazing! I love you!

  4. hi emily, you totally don't know me but i promised myself i would be better about leaving comments on people's blogs that i stalk, so here goes:) i am a friend of Ashley's that find myself venturing over to your site frequently. i'm not psycho, just a mom like you and a photography "wanna be" :) your photography is inspiring and beautiful. awesome. noah is so handsome. i love the name noah and that was one of the names were were debating on for our son. anyway, sorry for the novel. thanks for letting me peep:)

  5. as much as i LOVE that high chair (and yes, i did guess that because i can read your, i really don't know how i knew...) just be very careful. a friend had an older wooden one, and he slipped right out and fell on his head!!! i do not want that little noah with a big knot on his head.

    you do have a light at the end of the tunnel. and you can do anything if there is an end. at least that is what i tell myself when i'm having a hard time with things. you can make it that month!! i know you can. and if we ever get to ft leonardwood, the one good thing will be that you guys will be sort of within driving distance....:)

  6. What beautiful flowers! Friendships like that are a real treasure. You deserve it!

  7. Great pictures. I love how the b/w photo makes Noah's eyes really stand out... it's quite a beautifully striking contrast.

    And, like SArah said, I also love and appreciate that you actually take time to comment on my blog- however short or long they may be, your comments help remind me that someone cares.

  8. you're a sweetheart in so many don't give yourself enough credit, and I for one don't compliment you enough for the small things you do for me. Talking to Steven (he adores you), venting on your blog (usually we have the same stresses in life...coincidentally), great teaching (you can tell by the students that adore you), and you being a great lil mom. You have an adorable family, and you do so much for everyone...just by your small comments on everyone's blog, or by posting the cutest reminds me there is SO MUCH to be grateful for. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!

  9. Wow...solid foods. And I love that you went for the natural avocado versus the rest of us who pop open a jar of Gerber. My grandma still has a vintage high chair that she has at her house for when the grandkids come over, but I avoid it like the plague seeing as it appears to have a lot of "vintage" stains and leftovers from who knows when!
    Thanks for always commenting on my blog, it makes me feel happy :)

  10. oh, i love fridays!! i had a dentist appt. on friday and all i could talk about was my favorite day/time of the week...early afternoon on friday...sigh...five more days and i'm *SOO* there again!

  11. I'm so happy that the flowers looked as nice as I imagined them. And I just thought you could use a little something to help brighten your day. I'm glad they hit their intended mark :)

    Its funny how doing something nice for someone else can make your own day a little brighter too! My Friday got so much better as I sat here, giddly waiting for them to get delivered. I'm so happy that you enjoyed them, and thanks for immortalizing me on your blog :)

  12. How sweet and thoughtful. And I love love love the highchair and the cute pictures of Noah in it!

  13. are you planning on making your own babyfood?

  14. I'm not surprised you found such a unique high chair! :) So original.

    I too haven't been commenting as often but your posts I make a point to read because they make me smile every time. And I'm sorry it's so rough right now. I know the stress that those halls can inflict lol I sympathize. Hang in there!

  15. Anonymous6:49 AM

    quickie re: sliding in chairs - at the nursing facility where I worked, we'd put non-skid material (the expensive version is called "Dycem", the cheap version is called shelf-liner) in some of our residents' wheelchairs to help them keep their seats... it might work in high chairs, too...

    Also, I think I've introduced a few stalkers to your blog (& Noah's) who just love what you do - and of course, I've shared because so do I. You're such an awesome lady :-)

    And why-oh-why does it seem so hard to get to June this year. I know you'll make it, just like I think I'll make it... but it just feels like dragging a freight train behind us as we reach for the finish line... sigh.

    Hope you have a bright spot this week.

    Love you-


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