My First Earthquake

Friday, April 18, 2008

In lil' ol Missouri!
I had just gone to bed after feeding Noah at 4:30a.m., and was trying to drift back to sleep, when the dishes started rattling. Joe popped awake, alert and concerned. We both waited through it, heard some DVDs crash to the floor, and then it was over.
We both got up to check the house, and all was well except the DVDs... And we went back to bed discussing the weird event. After ruling out any other possibilities (including a band of Ninjas shaking the Lodge) we went to sleep amazed we had been in our first earthquake.
Here's this morning's short news about it:




  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    We felt it in C'ville, too (actually, I heard more than I felt - the dishes rattled, but nothing fell)

    And to make things even better, we were studying the battle of Armageddon (earthquakes and all) in seminary this morning. So for our opening hymn we sang the third verse of "Guide us oh thou great Jehovah" ("when the earth begins to tremble, bid our fearful thoughts be still...")

    Lambson humor strikes again :-)

    Anyway, glad all are OK in your neck of the woods...

    Love you


  2. holy canoli's!! glad you're all safe!

  3. I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit left out. Not because we didn't experience it in Indy, but because, for whatever reason, I really didn't feel a thing. My first earthquake and I can't even say anything about the experience. I was awake, I was in the shower, and until Steven unexpectedly called me to talk about it, I had no clue that anything significant had happened. Perhaps the New Madrid faultline is activating in preparation for the end... ;)

  4. Weird!

    Dad always tells stories about the earthquakes when he was growing up in New Madrid (he worked in his dad's grocery store, and all the shelves would sway back and forth), and I remember being all freaked out in...8th grade? 9th grade? --well, whenever that crazy dude predicted we'd get one mother of a quake in Columbia (remember, the teachers all had to teach us how to get under our desks and stuff? My Triple E teacher stocked up on trail mix for the class, I guess so if we were debris-ed in for days and days, we wouldn't starve). But I was glad never to have to be in one myself, no matter how small. I am envious of your bravery in the face of what must have been *so* surreal!

  5. Glad you are all safe! It must have been something to shake your place!!!
    Ask Joe to tell you about the one at Pt. Fermon in CA... I wonder if he remembers it like we do?!

  6. I lived in California when Northridge hit. I was 10 I think and we all ran outside. The cars on the driveways were smacking the pavement it was so hard. I remember the aftershocks making the street look like a river. Earthquakes are so cool, but scary!

  7. Oh goodness...I'm glad you're okay! Apparently, the earthquake was felt in Chicagoland as well, but we slept right through it. One of Jason's coworkers said that the skyscrapers downtown were swaying...I'm glad I wasn't around to see that!

  8. Welcome to the EQ club! :)

  9. Oh great! I leave and something cool happens? Geesh! Glad you are ok!

  10. Ugh - I hate earthquakes. I had no idea they even had them out there!

    Glad it was minor...

  11. i have been in so many earthquakes i can't even count them. but i still don't like them. that is one of the things i don't like about CA. next time get under your table. :)

  12. Wow! That is crazy! I must've been sleeping pretty soundly -- didn't wake up at all..but the aftershocks in MKE were prob not that great anyways. Weird!!

  13. I saw that on the news this morning and wondered if you'd felt it! Crazy stuff. I had no idea there were fault lines in the mid-west.

  14. WOW! I didn't know the midwest got Earthquakes. I grew up in So. Ca. so they are nothing unusual to me .... I can't imagine what must got through your mind when you experience one for the 1st time.... Glad you are all OK.

    Love you,

    A & Z

  15. Wow! That's scary! I'm glad y'all are okay!


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