Husband Tag (Part Two of TAG DAY):

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dedicated to My Best Friend and Partner in Crime...

{engagement photo by Katie Benson 2004}
{dating in April 2004}
How long did you date?
we began dating February 4, 2004 and got married September 17, 2004. So...7 months.
{dating in Vegas, March 2004}
How old is he?
he is 28 years old. I am two years older.
{engaged in the Tetons, July 2004}
Who eats more?
We're both pretty equal, but I can out-sugar him by the slightest edge.
{engagement photo by Katie Benson, 2004}
Who said "I love you" first?
I did... and it was an accidental blurt-- which I suppose makes it pretty sincere.
{engaged in summer 2004}
Who is taller?
He is. I am 5'7", he is 6'0".
Who sings better?
I do. But he's pretty good himself!
{post-wedding photo by Mary S. 2004}
Who is smarter?
Ooh-- we argue this one ALL the time. I am POSITIVE I am, and he is POSITIVE he is. I think we finally decided we're smart in different areas from each other, which is why we feel so much more superior to each other at times. *wink*
{our wedding day photo by Katie Benson, 9-17-04}
Whose temper is worse?
Mine. because my temper is a fast, fiery flash (quick, big, but gone in moments), and his is a slow burn that has never actually TRULY flamed up in our life together so far. I'm betting it may never show up.
{our wedding day photo by Katie Benson, 9-17-04}
Who does the laundry?
I tend to do the washing/drying part and he tends to do the folding.
Who does the dishes?
I tend to do the loading, he tends to do the unloading.
{getting a Christmas tree- nov. 2004}
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
If you're standing at the foot of the bed (which would be a bit creepy, to be honest), Joe is on the right. I am on his right, and he is on stage left. I'm trying to confuse you. What a dumb question.
Who pays the bills?
I do. AND I spend the money.
Who mows the lawn?
The lawncare company the Freemasons pay.
{Our 2nd anniversary- Sept. 2006}
Who cooks dinner?
I make the "true meals" like white bean chicken chili and apricot chicken and pork chops, etc., but they are few and far between... He is the one to whip up the "easy meals" like frozen pizza, hamburger helper, mac n' cheese, etc. and he does it WAAAY more often than me.
Who drives when you are together?
He does. I entertain Noah.
{September 2006}Who is more stubborn?
I am. but he can give me a run for my money sometimes. But no, really it's all me. I'm a knuckleheaded, boneheaded, hardheaded fool. I admit it.
{November 2006- Thanksgiving}
Who kissed who first?
he smooched me. It was on Valentine's Day. and I passed him a note a couple of days before in a movie theater where a bunch of our friends were watching Lord of the Rings and the note told him I was open to the idea of smooching. So he took me up on it a few days later. Score!
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Me. because I'm the talker. He probably feels it first (I'm stubborn, remember??), but because I am all about communicating, I'll concede verbally first, just to get the dialogue going.

{May 2007}Whose parents do you see the most?
Currently, mine, who live 2 hours away, who we see about once a month. When we first got married, we saw his parents all the time because they live 20 minutes away. Sadly, they are in Korea for a job these days, and we NEVER get to see them. We miss them.
{At Bryce Canyon, Utah: July 2007}
Who proposed?
he did... by candlelight and picnic the night before I left for a month-long trip. He was sooo nervous... the memory still melts me.

Who is more sensitive?
Me. Oh yes, me. Sometimes TOO sensitive.
{preggy picture by Mary S. Nov. 2007}
Who has more friends?
I do... But he has more in the longevity/retention dept. His bessies are all from high school, whereas I only have one lovely from HS and the rest from college. (Which is quickly become a study in longevity itself, come to think of it...) Locally, I have WAY more friends. He is just so busy.
{new family photograph by Mary S. : November 2007}Who has more siblings?
I do. I have 5 sisters and one brother. He has two brothers and one sister.

Who wears the pants in the family?
Hmm... Honestly, it depends on the situation. I am definitely more bossy (which I HATE), but he is the strength of our family.
{new family photograph by Mary S. : November 2007}
Who are you tagging?
Steven & Tamara, Jodie, and Katie Benson{Love you, Joe!}


  1. Kind of awkward how you spelled my wife's name wrong. Hmmm...How's Joi doing these days?

  2. I LOVE Noah's face in that last photo...kind of nervous and terrified all at once. (Or else, it's the instant before he's about to cry--always a precious look.)

    Anyway, what a great post! I can't believe there are still so many things I don't know about you after...what, 15.5 years of friendship?!! Your & Joe's love story is so cute...I want to hear more of it. :)
    My own responses would be scarily similar, in terms of the stubbornness, temper, financial matters, sensitivity, etc.

  3. i remember talking to joe when you guys were dating. and seriously. he is DANG lucky that you said yes. :) i would love to see joe as a dad and husband. most of my memories of him are of the missionary type. (as i am sure he has the same ones of me.) except for your one day visit to us. really liked this post. and LOVED the pictures. you are hot emily.:)

  4. Well, I don't know how you manage to come up with all the amazing blogs you do. Your sanity maybe in your time of teaching? I love the Noah collage and the I Spy and all the "four questions" are dizzying!

  5. that.was.awesome.the.end.

  6. So after a few more comments, I am apprently the only one to notice and/or care that you SPELLED MY WIFE'S NAME WRONG!!! C'MON! IT'S NOT LIKE SHE HAS A WEIRD RUSSIAN OR INDIAN OR JAPANESE NAME!

    Love you, sis!

  7. Emily I just love how you have chronicled everything so much in photos. You must have like a billion photo albums at home, or maybe they are all just digital. I decided I am going to pretend like you tagged me on this because this is the best tag I have ever seen and I want to do it sometime on my own blog, so....
    Emily: Oh, and I also tag Stacy because I know she is really cool at always doing tags.
    Stacy: Why thank you, Emily. I accept. As soon as I gather all my photos of David and I that I can find so I can totally copy you. :)

  8. Stacy, you're awesome... And you'd be PERFECT for this tag, so go get 'em tiger!!

    Besides, your hubby is hot. And we all enjoy looking at a hot man once in a while. right?

    (happy b-day David!)

  9. Are you guys the most photogenic family ever or what??? I love this post!

  10. Wow - what a beautiful chronology of a relationship! You guys are just such an adorable couple. And how great to document your relationship this way.

  11. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Hi there,
    I am a November 2007 mommy on BBC but I don't post on there very often. Anyhooo... I love your blog. I hope you don't think I am a stalker, but your little Noah is so cute and you and your husband seem very real and nice. Also, your blog inspires me to take more photos and take the time to be more creative. So, thanks. :)


  12. i apologize for my previous rant- when i commented for the second time, i apparently failed to notice that you had corrected your eggregious error. please accept my apology...and never spell my wife's name wrong again...or else...

  13. OK, you are so cute, hip, chic and talented.

    I'm so glad we reconnected.

  14. I love this! I love that you included all these great photos of you two. You guys are cute. AH....

  15. Man! It seems like you guys have been together forever! Another great post!

  16. these pictures of you two are beautiful! your wedding dress is superb!
    and your little family is absolutely, positively, amazing!

  17. Tee Hee. You totally took engagement photos at the Castle. . . Which means, if it was summer 2004, I was probably trying to chase you and all of the other cute little couples out of the place so we could have Midsummer Night's Dream rehearsal. . .

    Small world.

  18. Oh, I just loved reading that! Y'all are so cute! Great pictures too!

  19. i *LOVE* this post. i love reminiscent stuff. you are my blog idol and THIS is American Blog {insert Ryan Seacrest's voice} - hee hee

  20. This has been bugging me for weeks now, but I have finally figured it out. Seeing your husband without facial hair reminds me of John Corbett, from Raising Helen or Serendipity. LOL I knew he looked like someone, and now I know! It's fun to see pictures of the past isn't it?

  21. Wow! What a fun tag! I love the pictures- honestly, you really do have a beautiful and photogenic family. (Of course, I guess the advantage of digital camera is that you can delete any photos you deem "unphotogenic"). thanks for sharing some precious and fun moments in/about your lives!

    love ya!


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