Oh, Rick...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For a good time....


Now click here to find out more.

(I'm available to discuss this in the comments section.)

*happy April 1.*


  1. No WONDER I've seen this video 18 times today!


  2. Haha, that video is so funny. All the websites I've gone to has it playing in some way or another. Thank you for giving the background!

  3. I'm glad I can be the information behind this ridiculous lil' prank!
    (Confession: I actuaLly loved this song as a teenager... I love how his face and his voice don't fit each other!)

    Makes me laugh that this is part of our pop culture now. Wonder what HE thinks?

  4. ...and YouTube has all their featured videos linked back to this video-- the ultimate April Fool's Rickroll joke.

    I'm pretty amused by it all.

  5. Nice. I think the spry bartender was my favorite part. Is he the same one jumping into the fence and off walls in the tiny man shorts?

  6. So how/where did you find this?! Definitely seems random... though it is also definitely a fun blast from the past...
    I love his voice (i always did) and I even still think he is/was kind-of cute, but you're right- voice and face don't really match.
    (and did you know he is actually British?! I had no idea...)

    Thanks for the memory trip.

  7. I was totally going to admit to loving it too. . . I was so disappointed when I saw what he really looked like :)

  8. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Too fun (I can't actually watch, because the work computer police say it's forbidden...) Thanks for sharing, though :-)


  9. Ahh... I have totally been Rickrolled now. I don't know why that is so bad. I mean who doesn't love "Never Gonna Give You Up"? I learned all my sweet dance moves from him.

  10. *Oh for the love of all that's good in this world... I kept having to check in the comments section on YouTube to see if this was seriously real or not, then I came across this comment: "Rick Astley was like this giant walking, talking, singing Howdy Doody doll." PEREFECTLY PUT! HA!

  11. Kate-- that's PERFECT!!

    I personally REALLY get a kick out of the nipple-high, belted, pleated, stonewashed jeans with the denim shirt tucked in. Priceless.

  12. That's a good one! I'd never heard of I know. Thank you for schooling us all in the fine art of "rickrolling." Now, I just have to get that song out of my head. It may take a while. ;)

  13. Might I suggest this being the next big thing - The Con-roll


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