Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jaime tagged me. Twice. And in honor of the tagging, I'm posting photos of the "taggie blankets" I made Noah last month. Yay!
{aren't the colors fun? These were so easy, and Noah LOVES them!}

{"N" for Noah...}

Here's the first TAG (second one will be coming later)--

Four Jobs I've Held:

# High School English Teacher
# Waitress
# Teleservice Scheduling for Sears Repair
# Photographer

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
# Lord of the Rings-- all three
# Moulin Rouge
# Braveheart
# Pride and Prejudice- BBC

Four Places I've Lived:
# St. Louis, MO
# Provo, UT
# Columbia, MO
# Woodbridge, VA

Four TV shows I like:
# Scrubs
# The Office
# 30 Rock
# Deal or No Deal

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
# Genny
# Melanie & Stefanie, my BBC friends
# Church people
# Spammers

Four Favorite Foods:
# Double Stuf Oreos
# Cupcakes
# Steak, medium-rare, with potatoes and asparagus
# Slushes

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
# A weekend in Columbia (Genny, family, Grinders)
# A week in Utah (you all know who you are! Sarah, you'd be there, too.)
# Chillin' in a fancy hotel room (sleep, room service, spa, etc.)
# Europe-- Italy, specifically!

Four People I'm Tagging:
# Sarah Lambson
# Kirsti Lambson
# Genevieve Not Lambson
# Tamara Lambson


{coming up: The Hubby Tag, from Jaime, like, two months ago, which I haven't gotten around to yet! But now I will!}


  1. 1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the taggie blankets. Oh, I love them.

    I want to get together with you some summer afternoon and make one for us (bigger, because Neil weighs more than 13 pounds these days)...we have this futon cover now that is totally colorful, and it would be perfect, along with this IKEA pillow I just got in LA. Is that okay, or is it just a baby thing?

    2. I am tagged! What do I do? Post the same on mine with my answers? I am new to this.

    3. I Miss You So! When things calm down, let's plan a visit.

  2. yep-- just put your answers on your own blog... just for fun!

  3. Good Afternoon!! I discovered your blog through babycenter and I LOVE IT!!! Both yours and Noah's. Thanks for sharing. I have a Noah also. He is a week younger than yours. I have been wanting to chronicle his "babyhood" and have photographed him everyday. You have inspired me to enter "the kingdom of blog". Have a great day.


  4. Ok lady, how much for a taggie? WITH a "g" of course! I want one I want one I want one! :)

  5. Emily
    I work in Woodbridge VA. Crazy

    Eva's mom (Dawn) from BBC

  6. Thanks for tagging me. It got me to update my blog, which was long overdue.

  7. YAY!! :) Cute blankies! I missed you at the ward party tonight! I got to use my cupcake courier and everyone was ooing and ahhhing :)

  8. Those blankets are AWESOME! You are so uber so many ways. Cupcakes, photos, taggies, the list goes on and on (and so many more I'm sure).

  9. when did you live in woodbridge? we lived in manassas and clifton for a while and dh is from alexandria...born and bred. btw, you'll have to post about how you finish off your taggie blankets. they look so you just fold it down and sew over the top?


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